SPS dieing help!!!!!

Discussion in 'Coral' started by travis furia, Apr 9, 2016.

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    I have Plexi glass on top of my tank to help with dust so I rarly need to top off and the plexi doesn't seem to effect lighting to much. And yes I have a hydrometer how much more accurate do you think a refractometer would be. Id love to go to the new hobbyist workshop love to learn.

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  2. Flagg37

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    Enough to make a difference. If you had a fish only tank it would likely be fine but you need more consistency with corals. Also you mentioned an acrylic top for your tank. In general it's best to let your tank breath so there is a good exchange of co2 and o2. It will help your ph. People do put screens over it so that livestock doesn't jump out but it's still open to the air.
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    There really is a large difference in accuracy between hydrometers and refractometers. I wouldn't ever trust a hydrometer for a reef tank with SPS corals.

    A plexiglass top really isn't ideal on a saltwater tank. Speaking from experience, the salt creep over time is very hard to clean off and it will start to impede the light. As Flagg mentioned as well, it also doesn't allow good gas exchange in the system. Also, while it will lower your evaporation, evaporation is actually really effective for cooling the tank. In the summer, your tank could easily overheat without evaporative cooling. I assume you don't have a chiller? For a lid, I'd definitely recommend a screen lid. You can make one yourself by buying screen frame from a hardware store that you can cut to the right length. You'll also need the corner pieces and spline, which are also sold at the hardware store. The regular screen sold at the hardware store will block too much light, so people use clear netting, which you can buy from Bulk Reef Supply or potentially a craft store or local fish store. Bulk Reef Supply and Marine Depot also sell complete DIY screen lid kits.
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    I disagree on having a lid. I do. Keeps temp up and evap down. I like both. Air exchange can be an issue, especially if you don't run a skimmer, but if you do I don't think It should be an issue. Monitoring ph is a goo way to decide for yourself if you need more air exchange. Depending on how your overflow dumps water into your sump that can be a good source of air exchange as well
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    I'm a welder for a living so I can do anything and everything and have access to all kinds of equipment and materials. DIY is better then buying. I figured if I had issues with plexi glass corroding and effects my lighting I'd just cut a new top out. And I have a skimmer set up so air exchange shouldn't be a problem.

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