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Discussion in 'DIY' started by Bruce Spiegelman, Mar 27, 2017.

  1. Vhuang168

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    You would have to turn on the pump whenever you want water.

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  2. OnTheReef

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    Yep, my saltwater mix barrel recirculates continuously.
  3. Coral reefer

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  4. Julius Chen

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    I am almost done with setting up water mixing station.

    One stupid error - a bulkhead was installed at lower side of brute can, with flange side pointing outward. Then I put gasket inside the can before put on the nut.

    Could not stop the tinny leak. And I had to go topless diving in salt water In order to tighten the nut.

    Then realized gasket Should always be on flange side. Will reverse the bulkhead also to move nut to outside.
  5. CAliuDig

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    Setting up a mixing station. First of all I will be using my mixing station for my reef tank and for drinking water for the family. o_Oo_Oo_O The only way I could go all out in making this was to convince the wife thats its just not for the tank, but for the family as well. So with that said, Im trying to keep the RO water away from the saltwater. for example, I like the plan in the below picture but i feel since the plumbing is all connected that there will be some trace of salt in the Ro/Di water. when running the pump to keep the saltwater moving then closing to valves off to pump out the RO water its all running through pump and pipes where saltwater was just running. Even flushing it before using the water I feel that there will be some trace. Ideas?

  6. CAliuDig

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  7. Gablami

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    You seem to be using ro and rodi interchangeably. Usually drinking water is RO only, as the deionizing process changes the taste of the water. So if you want to have ro, and rodi and nsw containers you would obviously need three. If you want to drink the rodi, then there are other setups that would not require a pump to transfer rodi into the nsw container. Such as a horizontal setup where gravity moves the water into the nsw container, and there is no contamination.

    I personally would prefer not to drink rodi water that's been sitting in a tank for an indeterminate amount of time. Usually ro is fresh from the system and is used immediately (at least that's how my purified water at my sink is setup).

    There is probably a way to have the ro run when needed for drinking water fresh from the ro membranes, and have an rodi and nsw for your reef tank needs as it is pictured.



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  8. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer Past President

    Just run a line from filter to an extra faucet at your sink or to your fridge if it has a dispenser. Run the line from after the sediment and carbon filters but before the ro membrane. Will run on demand and taste great and be healthy and not have unsterilized water sitting around.
    I would not use a container like your are thinking for holding drinking water. It will be pure, but likely won't stay clean very long, and ro for drinking is way overkill imo anyway. The sediment and carbon filter gets my drinking water tasting great w no waste.
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  9. rygh

    rygh BOD

    +1 on above : Definitely do NOT drink ro/rodi water that sits in that tank for a while.
    The rodi process strips the chlorine. Contaminants are impossible to keep out.
    It is nice warm stagnant water in those tanks.
    Bacteria love that.
    Look up Legionella.
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  10. CAliuDig

    CAliuDig Guest

    yeah, this build will just be for the reef tank.. thanks guys for the feedback . I felt kinda dumb posting this but needed more input on it. But with the picture i posted on the mixing station what do you guys think? And also how do you become a supporting member ?
  11. rygh

    rygh BOD

    Your concerns on getting some salt in RO water may be true even if it is only used for a fish tank.
    For the top-off water, it does not matter.
    But if you mix your own CA/Alk additives using RO, that can be a big problem with precipitation.

    Another thing to consider is CLEANING.
    It helps to clean the salt mixing tank between each run.
    I use a big brute garbage can for mixing salt. When pumped out, you simply spray it down with a hose.

    For keeping things mixed well, I just use a powerhead. It runs 24/7.
    That big pump in the picture looks like it uses a lot of power. A waste.
  12. BSAJim

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    To be come a supporting member, you will find an icon in the upper right that is a single person, next to an envelop icon. Click on the icon, and it will open a window. One of the selections is a premium upgrade option. there you go...
  13. Gablami

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    I'm not familiar with your experience level, but if you're just starting out, I recommend a simple Brute trash can or a Rubbermaid tub etc like @rygh is suggesting. Mix a few hundred gallons of water, get used to the process, how much water you'll need for your tank, what salt you want to use, how you are using the available space, get used to your rodi system (deal with a couple floods), before spending hundreds of dollars on storage containers. If you wait you'll have experience and knowledge of how you can setup a system to most benefit you.

    That said, what you have pictured is a relatively common setup I think.

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  14. CAliuDig

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    Just visited Neptune today and the store was awesome . the display tank when you walk in was amazing. always passed by and never stopped in .
    Thanks I found it. :)
  15. CAliuDig

    CAliuDig Guest

    I'm kinda noob. about 3 to 4yrs experience. I seen the brute setup pretty cool But feel I can achieve a nice Saltwater Build maybe I'll share what I come up with.

    Best regards,

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