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Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by muhli, Feb 7, 2016.

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    Update: quite unsure about tank's future now.. parents have grown too fond of it apparently..

    With a heavy heart, I'm leaving the reefing hobby for a while. Been really busy past couple months and I dont have that much time to take care of my tank.

    Will be breaking down my tank and parting it out. Livestock will go first. Thankfully its not that much. Will be updating the list as it goes and what I can remember off the top of my head.

    Disclaimer: the tank is experiencing some green hair algae, but I found out its from the phosphates in RO water I've been getting.

    Gold torch 1 head: $20
    Neon green toadstool ~ 3 to 4 in diameter : $20
    Flaming zebra zoas (from zoa growing contest) : $50
    Misc unknown zoas (from zoa growing contest price valued around $80) : $60
    Blue acan : $20
    Rainbow acan (lost its green so its orange now?) $20
    Palythoa Grandis: ~11 polyps : $50
    Rock nems: both for $25. (not splitting and will come on attached rock)

    3 Chromis: free to a good home, they've been with me years. Must go only to established tanks. They are like family. Large, medium, and small, so they are cute together. Schools together.

    Cleaner shrimp Large : $20

    Aquamaxx hob-1 skimmer: $150
    75w eheim jager heater: $20
    Jebao rw-4 : $45
    Kessil A360we + gooseneck : $380

    Note: all equipment will be cleaned prior to sale.

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  3. zeroinverse

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    Interested in the fish and shrimp.

    I have two chromis. I saved 5 from Pet Club in emeryville, but only two made it. Would love to get your chromis so they can have a better "school"
  4. zeroinverse

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    I also want the Jebao Rx-4

    right now I have a wp-10 and a wp-40. The wp-40 is overkill so the Rx-4 should be better.
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  6. muhli

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    Update: quite unsure about tank's future now.. parents have grown too fond of it apparently..
  7. Baykes

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    I am interested in the torch if you decide to go through with the sale. Let me know!
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    Interested in the rock nems. Where are you located?
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    Do u still have that blue scan for sell.

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    Blue acan not scan.

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    You can just edit the first post instead of making another btw...
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