Tank Journal for Jim in Mountain View 220gal

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by Jim123, Jun 3, 2013.

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    @jim123 test message
    Nice seeing you at the tank tour!
    Just trying this out
  2. Jim123

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    @aqua-nut John, I am still trying to figure out the PM to individuals thing... I tried to PM to myself as a test but it didn't work.
    If you use PMs does the message go just to that person? Can you PM to several people maybe with commas in between?
    If you start a PM does it go to the end of the reply or can you stop the PM some how.
    John, I enjoyed seen you at the tank tour. You seen to have the luck of getting all my questions... I appreciate it!

    Uhm, one more question. I figured this was an old joke and was reluctant to mention it, but I haven't heard anything about it so...
    The BAR group was originally all about drugs, right? (Bay Area Reefers) Oh well...

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