Tank Liquidation - Livestock First

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  1. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    Due to competing priorities and lack of time, my wife and I have decided to step away from the hobby and as a result we are liquidating the 130g system.
    The priority initially to re-home all of the livestock. Below is a listing of livestock along with years in our possession.
    Specific pictures of corals/fish will come next week

    I am out of town this weekend, following my return I can arrange viewings

    Appologies for the formatting, if you want a clearer table, PM me and ill email it to you.

    All fish healthy and eating mix of frozen foods unless otherwise noted
    Livestock-related notes age size (aproximate)
    Live rock marco rock 7 months 60lbs aprox
    Live sand 80lbs 7 months
    Marien Pure Spheres I gallon 7 months
    Yellow Eye Cole Tang 5 months in posession 5 inches
    Powder Blue 5 months in posession 3 imches
    Bonded pair darwin clowns 4 years in posession 4 inches/2 inches
    2 false percula clowns 2 years in posession 2 inches
    4 lyretail anthias 4 months in posession 3.5 inches
    1 blotched antia havnt seen in a few days 1 month in posession 1.5 inches
    2 black leopard wrasses 1 confirmed, 1 potentially alive 2 months in posession 2 inches
    starry blenny 3 years in posession 3 inches
    cleaner wrasse 5 months in posession 2 inches
    6-line wrasse 4 years in posession 2 inches
    1 red bubble tip anenome 4 years in posession 4-5 inches
    1 10" cyan plating montipora 3 years in posession 10"
    green plating monitpora 3 years in posession 4,5,7 inches
    green frogpsawn 20+ heads est. 3 years in posession 9 inches
    multiple acropora frags 3 months in posession 1.5-2.5 inches
    red chalice coral 3 years in posession 3 inches
    red/orange/yellow chalice 1 year in posession 1.4 inches
    purple body with yellow/red/orange eyes chalice 1 month in posession 1 inch
    Jeremy's Montipora 3 years in posession 5, 3 inches
    Neon green fuzzy birdsnest frag 1 month in posession 3 inches
    Clams Crocea/Durasa 3 total 4-2 years in psession 2.5-5 inches
    Misc Richia and Yuma 1-4 years in posesion misc
  2. travis furia

    travis furia Guest

    What r ur prices on ur clam, red chalice

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  3. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    i have three clams the one on its side is actually orangeish if you look from the top. In order of appearance (and size) i'd like to say they are 80, 100, 150


  4. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    Here is a link to the gallery.


    there's also a rock anenome, setosa (frag swap), Purple stylo (Boun11), leptospora ?? that crazy orange frag, blue digi, ponape birdsnest, red monti and purple monti from frag swap.
  5. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Interested in the Ricordia Florida/Yumas, chalices n Powder Blue.

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  6. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    PM me and please be patient as i may have multiple inquiries and this will require some carefull tracking.
  7. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    I will keep track of who asks me for what and when (timestamped posts/PMs) prices will be disccussed as much as possible in the main listting
  8. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    Red chalice id like to go for 120
  9. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Dam sorry to hear. We were just talking about everything at the swap. I'm interested in the kole tang and possibly the black leopard wrasses
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  10. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    ill put you down, i can only confidently say there's 1 leopard, but my wife swears she's seen both.
    im not in a hurry right now, i want to get a feel for interest (who wants what) and then i'll start finalizing decisions and prices.

    not interested in profiting off of this, just recouping some costs.
  11. Newjack

    Newjack Supporting Member

    put me down behind "tank guy" for the blk leapard wrasses please.
  12. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    sorry to hear about this....after all that work on the new build.

    How much for the 4 lyretail anthias 4 months in posession 3.5 inches? And maybe some frogspawn? LMK
  13. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    What are ya asking for the Darwin's? and I'm in for a chip of the purple rim green plating Monti cap
  14. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    Drawins at this time are accounted for, the purple rim plate I still have two prices that are available I can put you down for one. 40 bucks?
  15. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Dang, another tank liquidation. Sorry to hear.

    I would be interested in the 4 Lyretail Anthias.
  16. Interested in the blotched anthias. How much are you asking?
  17. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Sounds good . Hit me up when your back
  18. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest

    Once i have interest in everything i will approach those who are first on the list for commitment. Corals will go first, then fish/rock/sand

    current livestock still without interest:
    blue digi
    rock anenome
    ponape birdsnest
    red monti
    starry blenny
  19. Kensington Reefer

    Kensington Reefer Supporting Member

    can't do that sorry. Let it go
  20. mediumrare

    mediumrare Guest


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