Tank Upgrade - George's New 65 Gallon - Work in Progress

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    Thought it was time to start a tank thread, as I took the plunge and purchased a larger tank (Currently have a 29G). I picked up Patrick's 65G AGA RR with Stand and Canopy: http://www.bareefers.org/discussion/index.php?topic=4538.0 (Thanks fishnfst for the pointer) It's now sitting in the garage and waiting till I scrounge up parts.


    • [li]Keep the system simple and reliable
      Grow SPS, Zoas, and maybe an easier clam down the road.

    Recommendations/Opinions are always welcome.

    • [li]It came with 4 X 39W T5 Retro, 1 working Workhorse ballast[/li]
      [li]T1 Velocity pump as the return from the sump[/li]

    So, to start things off....
    I had originally thought about a metal halide, but I think I'm going to stick with the T5s. Ian recommended that I buy and Icecap 660 ballast and overdrive the lights. Since I'll still have the 1 Workhorse ballast, I was debating whether to buy another 2 T5s, but I'm probably going to save that for another day.

    I went and looked on Reef Geek. Too many bulb options ;D I run PCs right now and basically use Actinic 03 + a 10000K. Is there a better mix for T5s with 4 bulbs in the canopy? Ian had made some recommendations, but I can't seem to remember exactly what they are.

    Return Pump: Anyone have experience with the T1 Velocity pump? I think it is rated for 540 GPH@0 (couldn't find the flow rates for different head heights). It cames with the tank and is externally connected to the sump. Not sure what the benefits might be to go with a Mag 5/in-sump set-up instead.

    I have plenty of other powerheads to play with the flow in the tank itself. I'm going to try and get away with only one or two powerheads in the tank.

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