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    Attention all customers:
    As of Sunday the 15th of September we will be going into a temporary work hour schedule. This is resulting from me getting an opportunity of a lifetime and I have to take this and run with it. We will be working a limited schedule that is :
    CLOSED: Mon-Wed
    Thursday 2:30-7pm
    Friday 1-7 (may be a tad earlier)
    SAT-SUN 11-5
    You may still reach me anytime via emails Jess@diablocorals.com or through facebook page or messenger, or via text (925)548-1098. I want to be as available to my customers as possible so here is as many ways to bug me with questions as possible. This is a BIG decision I had to make and I hope that I made the right one, I put my family first and shop second for the 1st time in a long time. I think of all of you as family too but I mean the ones that have to deal with me 24/7,lol wink wink!! Once we are back up to speed we hope to re-open to our full schedule.
    Thanks for the understanding, I hope this doesn't mess with our relationship and hope to continue doing business with everyone just the same!
    Jess Viscovich
    Diablo Corals
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