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Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by tygunn, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    I admit I was a bit worried at first with the algae outbreak. But I am glad I waited it out. This stuff is so full of life. I love it. When I upgrade I'll definitely get more.

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  2. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    Yeah, I was worried about that algae outbreak you had as well. Mine didn't do that. I'm glad it cleared up! I much prefer the look of nice purple, life-filled live rock to starting with dry rock.
  3. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    I couldn't resist getting some stuff at the Neptune Aquatics grand opening today:
    A royal gramma will round out the fish population in the tank nicely. I like that it darts in and out of the rocks.

    I was told this is a blue lobo, but I'm not so sure from everything I've seen in pics so far... I forgot that the lobos were the "brain" corals, and well this doesn't look much like one. Still like it:

    Also not pictured is a peppermint shrimp and cleaner shrimp.

    I also got a Hanna low range phosphate kit. I was a bit annoyed that it only comes with 10 test reagents -- for $60 I'd expect a few more before having to refill. I ran into a glitch with it where it shut off while I was shaking the sample with the reagent powder. So I filled up another cuvette with tank water and re-zeroed the meter.

    I read 0.57ppm PO4. I'm guessing that is a bit inflated due to the fact I just fed and there was loads of food in the water column. I'll try again tomorrow and see.
  4. gunit

    gunit Guest

    Nice Royal Gramma. Thinking about one for my new 60g.

    You sure they didn't say lepto (leptastrea)? I have a yellow one but that blue looks like it could be sweet after it encrusts a bit more.
  5. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    I am very happy with this one. Its already eating well and is getting along with all the tank inhabitants...

    Yes you are correct on the coral Id. It was pretty busy there so I must have misheard.

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  6. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    Well the best part about an apartment is you don't have to do maintenance. The worst part is you don't do maintenance. Heh. The cartridge on the kitchen faucet needs replacing so that means I had to disconnect my rodi system. I always intend these systems to go in without a snake of wires and hoses but they always end up an octopus.

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  7. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    I guess its high time I updated things here. :)
    Here's an FTS I took with my camera; not the best but its something to tide over until I get the DSLR out:

    So what's changed? The little wee birdsnest is sure growing nicely. The green monti cap seems pretty slow. The leptastrea has almost completely covered its frag plug. Not surprisingly the froggie and GSP are growing like mad.

    I'm not entirely clear what happened, but the royal gramma seems to have mysteriously disappeared. He was perfectly healthy and eating well, so I'm at a loss as to what happened. Maybe the big creepy worm hiding in the rocks got him? Dunno.
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  8. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Looking good! Bummer on the royal gramma. I really like those guys
  9. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    Okay, time for better pics.


    The battle of the mystery polyps that came on the Florida rock:

    Another mystery hitchhiker that came with the rock:



    I know they're a weed, but I still love 'em:

    My little whee "stick" birdsnest that has really taken off. Funny how the cheapest corals do the best:
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  10. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    Whoops, who can forget the froggy

    I recently picked up a Kent Marine SeaSquirt Feeder; it goes from 21 - 35 inches. WOW I can't believe I lived without this for so long. I'm target feeding all the corals now daily.
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  11. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    Lovely photos. The tank is looking great. So cool that you got some awesome hitch hikers on the live rock.
  12. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    Thanks! I know my tank isn't anywhere near as amazing as some of the ones on here, but I'm pleased so far.
    The hitchhikers on this rock are amazing. So many neat creatures to look at.

    I just need to get my butt in gear and set up an auto 2-part dosing scheme. I'm FAR too lazy for manual dosing.
  13. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    Well then. It looks like I will need to solicit ideas of how to automate my tank more. Some of you were aware I had some back problems earlier in the year (sciatica and all that due to a herniated disc). Well Sunday morning after having enjoyed the fragging workshop I had a real doozy. Something I did (probably carrying a heavy bucket of water around durr) really did my back in. I ended up at the hospital Sunday and want admitted for emergency back surgery as I lost control of my left foot due to new severe herniations in my vertebrae.

    The operation went and I am on the road to recovery.

    That said no more lifting even the lightest water buckets to do water changes etc.

    I am thinking its high time I get a dosing pump. Maybe the quad head jebaeo. Two channels for calcium and alk and maybe the other two to do continuous water changes? Thoughts?
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  14. wpeterson

    wpeterson Webmaster

    Oh man, I'm sorry to hear that but I'm glad you're doing better. In the meantime, we live nearby and I'm happy to help with your tank or water changes to make sure they do OK until you have a long term plan in place with recovery or automation.

    I bought the Jebao 4 head doser but our tank doesn't have enough coral in it to need more than water changes and the occasional calc/alk top off weekly. The reliability seems a bit lower than other brands but the pricepoint is hard to beat.

    Is your place all on one level? I bought a 28 gallon brute with wheels and tight fitting lid which I use for RODI top off water and as a salt mixing station. Our RODI is in the laundry room, so the brute w/ auto-shutoff valve can sit in there for a day or two while it fills. Then I can put the lid on and wheel it into the living room where our tank is. This allows me to pump saltwater or topoff water a few feet vs. carrying buckets across the house. Total cost ~$75 (shut off float valve, brute, lid, and wheels).
  15. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    Wow, sympathies and hope you get better!!

    Dosing Alk/Calcium is great. Key is that you still need to test and tweak it, even long term.
    Usage will vary, so it will drift.
    You need something reliable. Not so sure about Jaebo.

    For water changes:
    If you continuously pump water in + out, those pumps need to match EXACTLY!
    You can calibrate, but they need to remain the same as well.
    I am not a fan of that method in general, but if you do, seems like you would need really quality equipment.

    Given your condition, at least "pump assist" normal water changes. Instead of lugging buckets.
    Ideal: Two pumps, two switches, various tubes. One to pump water out, one to pump new water back in.
    Simpler: Get a hand cart, put buckets on that, and use a movable pump with a short hose on it.
  16. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member


    Sorry to hear about your situation and wish you the best to a healthy recovery....If I lived closer I would loved to help...keep us posted on your needs and if there is something I can help with I will try to help....
  17. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    So sorry to hear this Tyler! I hope you're feeling better. I had a procedure a while back and was told I couldn't lift anything heavier than 10 lbs for a month. I quickly realized that that makes having an aquarium really difficult. I just ended up getting a small pump and a big length of vinyl tubing. I'd pump the water from my RO reservoir into my mixing buckets that sat right in front of the tank so I didn't have to carry them. Then I'd mix my water and when I was ready, I'd use my siphon to remove water into a couple buckets. I'd then use the little pump and tubing to pump the new water up into the tank. To get rid of the buckets of waste water, I'd use the pump and tubing to pump the water down my sink drain. Definitely kind of a hassle, but it involved absolutely no lifting and it was super low tech and cheap. I bet you can come up with something more automated long term though.
  18. FeliciaLynn

    FeliciaLynn Supporting Member

    Oh and I am setting up the quad head Jebao pump this weekend, so I can keep you posted on how it works and if I like it.
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  19. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    I have a 6g camping water jug under the tank for top off. That is easy to fill with no lifting. Fresh saltwater is just I'm two 5g translucent buckets that I used to lift. No more of that I guess. I need to find a small pump that can make it up to.the tank. Maxijet 400 was leaking stray voltage into bucket so is garbage. I have a mag 7 but its ridiculously too big. Part of it is I hate the stiff vinyl tubing. Always flops out of the.bucket and gives me a hard time
  20. tygunn

    tygunn Webmaster

    Oops missed some. Maybe I need floats to autonfill the saltwater. That's a lynch pin in my.operation right how.

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