The Apex WXM Module SUCKS compared to the Reef Link!!! (Radion LED Light Programming)

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by Enderturtle, Mar 6, 2016.

  1. Enderturtle

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    If you want to program your radion via wireless you have two options: the Reef Link by Ecotech or the WXM Module as part of the Apex controller by Neptune Systems.

    The radion programming interface on apex fusion is terrible!
    1. No Live View of your Adjustments.
      • The only option you have of a preview is full range preview, meaning it cycles through your proposed schedule within 3 seconds....want to stop and take a closer look at what the light intensity/color is? You CANNOT.
      • In the ECOSMARTLIVE which is kinda like ApexFusion (online programming interface), when you crank the Red, white, blue, etc color bars up, your Radion instantly shows you what it's like.
    2. No access to acclimation modes, and other presets.
      • In Ecosmart Live, you have access to all these radion presets such as Light Intensity Acclimation mode, Radiance color presets, and more.
    3. In EcoSmart Live, when you crank your various color bar intensities up, it instantly calculates and displays the energy usage in wattage.
    Overall the EcosmartLive Interface available through reef link is a friendlier, more responsive interface for programming the Radion Lights.

    Ugh not a fan of the WXM. Kinda wishing I had kept the reeflink. I thought it would be worth it since I would have Radion programming all in the same place with apex fusion but you lose so much with programming via ApexFusion vs programming via Ecosmart Live.

    I cannot recommend the WXM module for controlling the Radion in anyway shape or form. It's just an inferior product to the ReefLink. The only appeal I see is if you wanted your lights to be connected to your other controlled equipment.....I don't know maybe you want your lights to flicker if your tank is over 84 degrees. But if you were smart you would have had it sending you text messages at 82 degrees
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  2. Flagg37

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    That's too bad. I never thought that I would need apex to controll my lighting. I was planning on having it separate.

    @Vhuang168, do you have your ap700's controlled by your apex? Is it any better than the radion one?
  3. Vhuang168

    Vhuang168 Supporting Member

    Currently, the AI Hydra 52 is controlled by my Apex using the AWM module. But it has the same issue as the WXM module. You can play with the settings but there is no real time change until you hit the upload button. No acclimation mode as well. I considered switching to the AI Director which is similar to the Reeflink that Ecotech has.

    The new AP700s do not have Apex integration. They use wifi to link to an ipod app for control. I will still have the power supplies hooked up to my EB8 so I can turn off the light entirely if I want through Apex but still have real time control via internet through the ipod app. This is similar to the new AIHydra HD/Prime lights and the Ecotech Vectra pump. I'm guessing new lights from Ecotech will go that route too.
  4. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    @Enderturtle I feel bad for harassing you to get the WXM and it not being what you are happy with:(

    I understand and I wish there was an acclimation mode in the WXM...

    I did want to clear one thing up there are two different preview options within the Apex Fusion Wizard programming....(mike don't get me wrong as this second preview is short so its not going to give you the view that you are wanting)

    In the picture below is showing the two different preview options:

    The Red circled icon is the preview that most of us know about and it runs trough a 24 hour programming preview of the apex in 60 seconds (your light and pump will change briefly in this preview)
    The Blue circled icon is a preview of just that programmed line and I believe that preview only runs 5 sec...I wish this would be a longer preview

  5. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    Ooo! Thanks Jon! I totally missed that second Preview button.

    Better than clicking the Full Preview, having to wait for the thing to cycle from 0:00 all the way to 11:00am when my lights turn on and then go through rest of the cycle in less than 3 seconds.
  6. wpeterson

    wpeterson Webmaster

    I got the WxM for my Vortechs and I'd say it's a total waste of money, though it is nice to be able to turn the Vortechs on/off with a software switch in my Fusion dashboard. Not worth paying money, though.
  7. jonmos75

    jonmos75 Supporting Member

    Well I'm batting a negative
  8. Enderturtle

    Enderturtle Volunteer

    lol don't take any responsibility!

    I made my own choice lol
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  9. Thales

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    I know it is old, but I am curious what the problem was. Fusion seems pretty good at this so Im wondering.
  10. I like toys. I get wanting more toys. I want to die with lots of toys too, but I've often wondered why we want to adjust our lights so often anyway. If our goal is stability in an aquarium then that doesn't end with just water stability, but light as well. Sure -- we may want to adjust over time as we ramp up a new system, etc, but once you've reached your somewhat "forever" setting" why do we want more than just the ability to adjust from the light itself or fusion, etc. I talk to people all the time that are constantly fiddling with lights week in and week out (usually trying to blast even more light) and I suspect that it does more harm than good. My Kessils have been at the same setting for over a year now. My T5's have never been adjusted even though they are dimmable.
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  11. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    My favorite light adjustment is still my Apex-Diy I have in the sump.
    The Apex controls the overall level using the simple analog output No WXM.
    So it can ramp it up, down, etc. Works solid, easy to program.
    And the individual color channels are controlled by ... get this ... old fashioned physical knobs. :eek:

    I have AI-Prime for the main DT, and setup / control are fine. But still not as nice.
  12. Right -- but why would you want to? I've seen reefers that seem to adjust and ramp up and down differently almost daily. I often wonder if the reason reefers seem to be more succesful with hard corals under MH's and T5's isn't at least partially attributable to the fact you can't f*ck with them.
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  13. rygh

    rygh Supporting Member

    I was not always so happy with T5 color, and "adjusting" meant buying different brands/temps.
    Especially a pain if they stop making your favorite.
    So I am really happy to have the adjustment in general.

    Adjusting daily make no sense to me either though.

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