The beginning of the end, for now..50 gallon mixed reef

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    Well; here is my current setup as of last week; humming along, really enjoying it, been up for about 1.5 years. Plan on moving the reef over to a bigger tank in the next month or two as things are growing into each other and I would like to add a few big fish. Thought it would be good to document it before the transfer. Here's the gear:

    Rimless 36x18x18 tank with Eshopps Eclipse overflow and ADA style stand
    2 Radion XR15 Gen 4's
    Custom sump modeled after a Trigger 26
    awesome return pump and (2) MP 10's
    dosing 2 part, feed a cube a day
    small refugium w/ chateo and caulerpa serrulata
    rock and sand, heater, other stuff..

    Hope you enjoy.

    In the beginning.. July 2018

    about a week or two ago.
    FTS 07.2019.jpg
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  2. jccaclimber

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    Looks nice, but I know what you mean about things growing together. What will the new digs be? Picture of the existing filtration for the record?
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    what a year will do to a fresh new reef
  4. Zumareef

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    Indeed but I reckon its a good problem?

    Excellent point about the filtration! Here is ye old sump and 7 gallon ato that I fabricated with some materials from Tap Plastics and a router, and the refugium. Forgot to mention the Eshopps X-120 skimmer and Jeabo 3 head doser in there as well. New digs are a RS 425XL that I picked up for a pretty decent price; other then the tank and adding an MP40 going to try and keep all the gear the same.


  5. Zumareef

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