The "Justin method" of algae removal (Hydrogen Peroxide 3%)

Discussion in 'Coral' started by screebo, Jul 23, 2010.

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    i only did it for that long because they are corals that have been in my system for quite sometime and I toothbrushed them while in the H2O2, so I figure the less time the better in the iodine since I put the coral through enough stress with the H2O2 dip. You don't have to do the iodine I just figured to do it on top of the H2O2 since I already have it out.
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    Could someone point me to the straight method, a link?
    I need to translate and share with people south of the border.

    Thanks !
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    OK OK you want the written one...

    It should be translated soon for the ES version of Reef Builders -
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    Thank you Sir. much appreciated; now to let them know of the miraculous solid Vodka dossing...
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    What a great video! Funny too.
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    Justin posts all kinds of cool videos, check out the rest of his channel :lol:
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    The robots fighting in the snow is one of my personal favorites.
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    I had to dig a long way back to find this. I've continued experimenting...

    I've been playing around with H202 a little on some of the stuff in the temporary tank. HA has been a consistent problem from the start and there were no effective natural algae eaters in there. Those turbos didn't do squat.

    Anyway I followed a 4:1 ratio and dipped the plugs, then hit them with a toothbrush say after 3 or 4 minutes. Worked great. But HA eventually came back over say a month. Over the weekend I did it again, but this time across the board. Hitting acros, montis, acans, etc... Even hit my goni which is in that tank. As before it worked well for the HA.

    I learned that the 2 monti frags that got H202 on their surfaces this weekend clearly didn't like it. Color in those areas suffered, lightening a bit. The areas that stayed high and dry did not change color one bit. Seems just related to surface color lightening as the polyps still have color. Perhaps this is what was mentioned on page 2?

    Well I diluted for sure - pass.
    But I overexposed parts - fail

    The goni was pissed for the last 48 hours. Finally tonight she's beginning to expand again. No color loss at all.

    I tried for all these NOT to dip the body and polyps if I could avoid it. I concede dipping substantial parts of those 2 montis though.

    This afternoon I dipped a little unknown LPS. Full dip head to toe. It's been fairly small the entire time that it's been in there, and the plug has algae everywhere the polyps are not. Damn it slimed like a MF and the slime was all bubbly but after a scrub and rinse and a good basting with a powerhead the polyps are 2x size in 20 minutes. It's been a few hours now and she looks good. This was a little more vigorous exercise since I dipped the entire frag, but sort of panicked with the excessive slime and probably only went say 2 minutes. I know that some acan polyps touched the dip over the weekend and seemed fine, so it seemed that this guy could handle a full dip.

    to be continued...
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    Great report. My algae issues come and go. I recently had a huge outbreak of cyano but brought it under control by changing my GFO media in the reactor and doing a 30% water change. My newest inmate is a purple tang that is doing a nice job at pecking away at strands of algae that would otherwise be taking root on frag plugs or LPS pedestals that I've placed around the substrate. It's amazing how quickly it settles in. It's funny to see the trails the snails leave on the glass when I neglect to wipe it down for a few days. Thanks for keeping up the project going and the great documentation. H)

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