The "Legend" of TubeRider's Looong Journey.

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by krittertanks, Feb 10, 2011.

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    So what are the stocking plans? or do you want to keep that a secret still?
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    No secrets really, it's not a TOTM wall of coral type thing, it is an architectural tank that is designed to blend into the room/home, not a focal point. Simplicity is the key, non-obstruction and view through areas are critical. The most challenging thing is to get fish that behave normally in a narrow sparse environment, you cannot have skittish fish.
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    That's like opposite town right there. A super large fish tank that is not the focal point of a room :) Don't look at the elephant over there it's supposed to blend in and look natural. Is the customer going to be doing any upkeep on the tank? like feeding? Do you have any fish in mind? are you going for softies or fowlr?
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    True Jeremy, you need to not think of the tank so much as 260g tank but as a series of smaller tanks in one long line. I have an old 55g tank that's 4 feet long, but it's only like 12 inches wide, I think that tank would be fun with smaller fish that are more communal and might stick to one particular 2-3 foot section at a time. However to be viewable from both sides? Man I don't envy your job working on it, especially if you want said communal fish to feel like they have "their part" of the reef, however I do anticipate your choices and how you'll do it, o' Jedi Master of the Reefs ;)
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    Who said anything about reef?


  6. krittertanks

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    Ooooh, G fish! Actually I found fancy goldfish more challenging then a reef! Those things get infected if you dont change water like discus =O
    This project has almost been caught up w the thread! Now, the canopy arghhhhhhhh. Think anodized aluminum heat sink vertical doors w overhanging front and bk.
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    Episode IV After a restful sabbatical, the journey is on...
    Its been a 6 month sabbatical, but Tubey's crew is once again on the move.

    Concept, AlumaLid.
    Low profile, heat sink lid that moves out of the way in order to scrub the life box.

    [img width=500 height=268][/img]

    5052 --3/16" aluminum sheet
    Original idea was to assemble with taps and stainless steel screws/ epoxy.
    The shop does not weld aluminum, steel and stainless only.
    This was an obstacle that took way too long, sorry LordHelmet I torchered you!

    [img width=500 height=275][/img]

    [img width=500 height=275][/img]
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    Bad memories.
  9. krittertanks

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    Part II Metallurgy
    Prior to assembly, a local metallurgist was contacted to make the alumalid a non oxidizing piece.
    After the anodizing process, the table had to be extended for some seriously long assembly.
    Jeff's crazy ideas!
    [img width=500 height=375][/img]

    A groove was milled (routed) out of the top and back in order to hide the piano hinge.
    [img width=500 height=375][/img]

    Ahhhg finally at this stage.
    [img width=375 height=500][/img]
  10. krittertanks

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    After assembly comes the idea of oxidation. The most common anodes to get are zinc from West Marine boat store, they've got all types of style to choose from. Then comes the paint, a toyota paint color was chosen. Dupont acrylic enamel shot on. expensive but sandable and polished to a shine.

    [img width=500 height=375][/img]

    The masked areas are for led light mounting, Tried to keep the area clean for the most heat sink action.
    [img width=500 height=375][/img]
    Gimmito's quarantine(Pos) in the background =) hehe! Thanks for the work!
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    Thanks for making my crazy ideas into reality. ;)
  12. krittertanks

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  13. sfsuphysics

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    Aren't you the acrylic guy? What are you doing with all this aluminum and painting and stuff! :D
  14. houser

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    Who cares? - that thing is sick looking! More, more...
  15. rygh

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    Hey, that's why I was so happy with my tank. :)
    Not too many 8 foot long nearly rimless tanks out there.
    He did it with a stainless steel brace around the top.
    Not something an acrylic-only guy can do.
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    Gen is a Jack of all Trades. :)
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    Or is Jack the Gen of all Trades?! :quest: :exmark:
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    Piano hinge + salt water = no worky quicky
    Very nice work though.
    very nice indeed.
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    Really? ;)

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