The Little 29g That Could!

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by bmhair03, Feb 15, 2010.

  1. bmhair03

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    Thanks to Gonzo I was able to upgrade to that 57 rimless that I had dreamed of. I started and cycled the system using all new rock and went with a shallow bed of sand. The LED lighting I had wasn't going to cover so I DIY another fixture to better cover the longer ,deeper tank. Many trips to Taps Plastics and H.D/OSH. For the LEDs I basically copied the AI design and made two 24 LED Heat Sinks. They have room for 12 each more if needed.PAR on these thing is incredible.Thanks to Screebo for the meter use, I was able to stop killing SPS and actually grow them.And Yes they are growing. They seem to encrust the base alot before actually branching but they have begun to grow vertically now. I went with a mixed reef still ,having a lot of LPS from the old tank.Quarantined all fish and corals while cycling the new tank. Most of the SPS I started with were Maricultured pieces. Now that I and confident in the system stability I have been searching from more "elite,famous"SPS. Aways enough talk here are some pictures thanks to all that have helped out.


  2. bmhair03

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    Heres some more:

    Forgot to add that I added a MP10 plus DYI back-up battery and a 3 head dosing pump setup to keep up with damand, But this could get pretty costly so other ways will be explored. Want to add a MP40 and ditch the K's all together . Will be able to control my MP10 with my ReefAngel here soon so the Vortechs make sense in the future.
  3. anathema

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    Nice tank. ;)

    I like the rockwork, looks good with a valley in the middle. It looks like a really clean setup with those LEDs on there. The stand looks way better in black too. Man you are making me miss that tank. :p
  4. bmhair03

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    Thanks anathema
    I think it was yours first?
    Funny thing with the rock work is I did the left side and Cant really get the right the way I like it so its just a pile. I have more shelf rock cycling so Ill have to try again here soon.
  5. sfboarders

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    Looks good Brian!
  6. Gonzo

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    Looking really good man, and I like the setup. I'm glad the tank went to a good home!

    Man I miss my aquarium!! haha.
  7. bee505

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    Very nice work. Is the MP10 cranked all the way up?
  8. eldiablosrt8

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    looks good brian.....
  9. newhobby

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  10. bmhair03

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    Thanks everyone.
    Yes bee505 the MP10 is on either full reef crest on full constant.
    Its actually quieter on full constant.
  11. bmhair03

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    In tank flow is my area of needed updating. Although my Koralia's flow about the same as the MP10, (Not a scientific statement just personal observation in my own set up watching micro-bubble travel :).I am having the same issue newhobby is with this .Filter sock and floating floss seem to fix it but add a lot to maintance ) I like the Ecotech controllability,size,etc. Except their price.
    But 2 Mp10's isn't enough. I think 3 would be OK , 4 would get you a good strong circulation. But 2 40's or 4 10's is a lot of $$$. But you got to pay to play !
  12. bmhair03

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  13. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Wow, looks great! Any details on the DIY. Battery backup for the mp10?
  14. bmhair03

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    The Battery back up is just a Power Wheels 12VDC 16 ah battery from Toy r us .I believe a larger Amphour rating will laster longer,but they tend to be car size batteries. A $25 trickle charger from Auto parts store. Add a 1.5mm(I think) standard charger connector end. You can get everything at FRY's if your close. Then just plug it into the input on the vortech.It will switch over automatically. I believe there are some Forum threads out there .I run it off the battery once a month for a hour or so just to check and charge up battery. I keep it in a closet away from stand and ran cord to vortech.I saw this setup at newhobby's and had to copy! He was even testing a Solar charger for extra backup. Plus cheaper then buying Ecotech's setup. No fancy box though.
  15. LeviT

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    Looking good.
  16. bmhair03

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    I guess my new tank is settling in. My pair of percula have spawned. :)
    In my old setup they would lay every other week almost . And that went on for almost a year. I thought that when I moved them and switched out their favorite rock they were done. They even had a clutch when I had to tear down the old tank ,but she ate them when I moved them to Qt.
    Today I noticed the male twitching all over the place and she had her "big bass belly" going on, and sure enough .Bam!
    Now the Vultures are circling.
  17. bondolo

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    Genius! Especially the solar trickle charger. I've been thinking more about emergency plans lately and this seems like a great solution.
  18. bmhair03

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    It helps calm the nerves when on vacation.

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