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Discussion in 'DBTC - Info and Discussion' started by cwolfus, Apr 30, 2009.

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    After many years of waiting BAR is about to roll out a new tracking system. But, before we do, there are a few changes you need to know about.

    First, we've decided that DBTC-x no longer makes sense for our club. Why? x was started years ago as a way to encourage members to enter more expensive/rare/unusual frags into the program. And it worked well. But these days our members no longer need this incentive to provide amazing one-of-a-kind frags. (What we need is incentives for people to take them!)

    So, since we don't need it we're going to stop promoting chains to DBTC-X.

    Second, to help with the organization of DBTC threads, Pixelpixi will be creating new DBTC forums for SPS, LPS, Softies, Zoas, and others. This should make it easier for people to go back and look for existing chains that have not been updated on a while, in turn encouraging chains to re-emerge and continue to grow. It will take some time to move all the existing chains, since we have to do it manually, so please bear with us. But, we're going to disable to the ability to start new threads in the general DBTC forum.

    Please start your new chains in the DBTC SPS, DBTC LPS, DBTC Softies, DBTC Zoas, and DBTC Others from now on.

    Frag on!
  2. pixelpixi

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    As Charles mentioned I would, I created the DBTC SPS/LPS/Softies/Zoas/Others forums. It occured to me that we probably have the most SPS so the existing chains from the regular DBTC forum are now all in DBTC SPS. This will make it easier for us to go through and move just the ones that are not SPS.

    I just thought I'd mention it to help avoid confusion. We'll try and get these sorted as quickly as possible.
  3. pixelpixi

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    I finished moving all the chains into their appropriate forums. I'm sure I put some things in the wrong forum, though, so please let me know if you find something that's out of place.
  4. Elite

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    let me help you :bigsmile:

    Should be in Softy:

    Should be in LPS:

    I think that's all..
  5. pixelpixi

    pixelpixi Guest

    Thank you, Phong!

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