Thinking of buying this tank: please give me your feedback!!

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by earthboy17, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. earthboy17

    earthboy17 Guest

    Hello everyone!

    I saw this tank at my LFS and am thinking about getting it. But I'd like some feedback from you experienced guys as to if this is the one to grab.

    It is used ~3 years.

    150g Acrylic. Dual corner overflows.
    60" x 24" x 24" (ish).
    Cherry stand/canopy.
    Two sumps, plumbed together.
    EuroReef RS 8.2 Protein Skimmer
    UV Filter
    Pan World Magnet Pump return pump.

    I think the only thing it is missing is lights. (and rock. and livestock. and....)

    They are asking $1500 for it and I'm thinking about pulling the trigger.








  2. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

    Looks pretty good. I would think that those external pumps might be noisey. The ones that came with mine are. If you go for it, offer less and see what they say (at least that always my philosophy). Remember if you have to buy lights for, that's going to be another big chunk of money.
  3. bookfish

    bookfish Guest

    I'd think that's worth about $800 tops without lighting. The wet/ dry sump is no big deal (and probably a detriment) and did I see a UV sterilizer in the pics? You probably won't be using that either for a reef tank. The stand looks fairly scratched, the tank looks like it needs a buffing....
    You'll do better than that on Craigslist most days of the week.
    But a cherry stand isn't cheap so if you NEED the stand and canopy to be cherry, then that might tip the scales.
  4. Apon

    Apon Volunteer

    Do the pumps even work? Also I think the canopy is too short if you want to go with MH...ok with T5's. How think is the acrylic? Maker?

    I would say about $1,000 if everything is working.
  5. iani

    iani Guest

    I wouldn't buy it for that price either.
  6. Eight

    Eight Guest

    I'm with Bookfish and Arnold on this one. It seems pretty overpriced.
  7. fishnfst

    fishnfst Guest

    Thats a little steep imho.. There have been a couple of setups similar for much less... Check out this deal with lights already..
  8. fishnfst

    fishnfst Guest

    Or this one for 800 more than the one you are looking at... Also with lights..
  9. Dude I'm digg'n that 120 lemar tank (But then again I'm partial :bigsmile: ) Yea $1,800 is crazy talk in this economy, If you can scrape up 1800 bones to throw down on a tank then wait a couple of weeks and then crazy find something that makes your heart pound to set up! Good Hunting!
  10. earthboy17

    earthboy17 Guest

    Yikes, good points. That's why I threw it out to you guys for your feedback. I appreciate it.

    I'll keep my eyes out. If anyone knows of a nice deal, hit me with an email or a PM.

    I'm looking for something 5-6' long, 24" F to B, and about 30" tall. that's my ideal.
    Glass or acrylic, don't care.
    Internal overflows.
    Lighting, sump, and skimmer included is nice (mostly because I'm getting it at "used" price).

    Thanks all.
  11. iani

    iani Guest

    Whats wrong with the tank Doug posted?
  12. Elite

    Elite Guest

    must be too tall.. 30"H
    and they use 1/2" for that size. I think the access hole is like 6x6 LOL ..
  13. iani

    iani Guest

    He just said he wanted 30 inches tall.
  14. mtw31081

    mtw31081 Guest

    I recently bought a 375 gallon starphire glass tank, stand, canopy, custom 130 gallon sump, ER cs12-2 skimmer, w/dolphin ampmaster 3000 pump (x2 one for closed loop), plus a box full of misc. parts. I ended up spending about $1800 for a complete running tank with livestock, if that helps.
  15. Elite

    Elite Guest

    oh duh.. I just remember the first post.. :|
  16. earthboy17

    earthboy17 Guest

    I've contacted the seller about that tank:

    I'm going to see it Tuesday evening.
    I didn't want this tank to be wet right away, but it looks like it comes with livestock...
    I might have some FS.

    I'm excited to see this tank.

  17. fishnfst

    fishnfst Guest

    Sweet... I'm glad someone on here is going to get it.. I saw it and was like dang that seems like a pretty good deal with lights and all..... If the dimensions were reversed I'd be all over it.. 30"wide and 24" tall would have been a beauty.... Still nice though. Good Luck Hope you get it....
  18. sfsuphysics

    sfsuphysics Supporting Member

    Yeah that's a good price for that Acrylic tank Doug posted, that Leemar is nice, but I always have to laugh and roll my eyes when someone states "At this price I'm taking a loss", it's always good to know what people feel their equipment that they've been using is now worth in a used state :)
  19. xcaret

    xcaret Guest

    ThereĀ“s a posting on CL for a 200G+ starphire front glass, needs to be gone ASAP.
    Posting asks for $1500 but Thursday is coming and needs to go...
  20. earthboy17

    earthboy17 Guest

    I personally like the taller tanks. (30" vs 24") And I only have room for 24" based on the living room configuration. So this could be a cool deal. The seller said he's gotten a ton of hits for people wanting to part it out, but it looks like it'll be there for me tomorrow to see!

    My wife doesn't love the look of the stand (based on the pics on CL). I assume I could sand/dye it. Someone else said I could re-skin it. Any opinions on this? Thanks.

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