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    We have never been so stocked up in everything from Fish, Corals, and Inverts! This week, you'll find so many hard to find items like Banded Trochus snails, Chevron Tangs!, Achilles Tangs, Super Small Flame Angels, Super Small Yellow Tangs, Potter's Angel, Sea Hares, Possum Wrasse, Twelve Line Wrasse, Eight Line Wrasse and TONS AND TONS OF NEW SPS AND LPS! Here's "the" list...

    Pacific Goby
    SPS CORALS ***tons and tons of them...over 70 new pieces to choose from***
    Orange Tube Anemone
    Turquoise Rhodactus Mushroom
    Red Mushrooms
    Nuclear Green Brains
    Wall Hammer (super bright!)
    Rose Anemones
    Cleaner Shrimp
    Margarita Snails
    Banded Trochus Snails (over 200 available)
    Blue Tangs (super small)
    Orange Spot Sifter Goby
    Scissortail Goby
    Purple Firefish
    Orange Firefish
    Beau Gregory Damsel
    Possum Wrasse
    Gold Head Sifter
    Cerith Snails
    Geometric Pygmy Wrasse
    False Perculas (over 25 to choose from...all hand picked)
    Six Line Wrasse
    Strawberry Dottyback
    Monarch Damsel
    Coral Beauty
    Mandarin Goby
    Sailfin Tang (small)
    Flame Angel (super small)
    Potter's Angel (the best pick)
    Bartlett Anthias (NFS! haha)
    Yellow Tang (over 20 to choose from...super small)
    12-Line Wrasse (super hard to get...we only got 3)
    8-Line Wrasse (super hard to get...we only got 1)
    Chevron Tang (small...2X available)
    Pearly Jawfish (12 to choose from)
    Blue eye Cardinal
    Emerald Crab
    Strawberry Crab (reef safe'ish...really bright orange though)
    Royal Gramma
    Achilles Tang (Small....4 to choose from)

    No one brings you better selection and better quality than we do in the bay area. That is why many of you are fully aware by now that our stock move very very quick now a day so stop by ASAP before they are gone. Take a look at a sample of our current inventory from these pictures...
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    Nice corals Robert. those yellowish/Green zoas look cool. Nice Mini Maxi's too, just got into them myself.
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    Goodness gracious you have some gorgeous corals!

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