Time-lapse Newb: Secret life of snails

Discussion in 'Photography' started by edwood, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. edwood

    edwood Guest

    Only because its so easy to share the link, here is my first youtube time-lapse movie of my biocube.

    Its not a big deal but for me seeing how alive and busy things are at 10 times the speed is really cool.


    The sun comes up after 30 seconds, then half way through the lights kick on.
  2. 99sf

    99sf Guest

    Fun to watch your snails zipping around the tank!
  3. CookieJar

    CookieJar Guest

    do the palys/ zoas ever open?
  4. mike1962

    mike1962 Guest

    Hi edwood,

    Fun stuff! Do you have a time lapse on your camera or did you use Final Cut or the equivalent to speed things up?
  5. arod2051

    arod2051 Guest

    This was very cool.
  6. Tumbleweed

    Tumbleweed Guest

  7. edwood

    edwood Guest

    The Palys seem happy, those zoanthids are almost gone, the NEVER opened fully - they are melting away and I have no idea why. But like I said, I'm a newb so eventually I'll figure it all out. If not, I'll have a tank of star polyps :)

    I have a mac and a web cam. I found this awesome timelapse tool called Gawker


    Besides the fact that its free, its really simple to use. I wish keeping coral was as easy.

    Thanks for checking it out!~
  8. bmhair03

    bmhair03 Guest

    The zoa's seem to move a lot .Like something is moving under or around them.Awesome video.
  9. mray2660

    mray2660 Treasurer

    Thank you for taking the time to post. Simply and amazing video.


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