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    Here is a crack at a list of what needs to happen for meetings. Many of the items on the list could be broken down into their own lists - IE arranging a speaker for a particular meeting can be a long term job in itself. The thing to keep in mind is the amount of time needed to plan each item properly and then the time to implement each item. :D

    I am sure there are many omissions in this list, and this list is not comprehensive at this time. :D

    What is the subject of the meeting?
    Speaker, DIY, Frags, Other?
    How is that decided?
    Does it conflict with any of the other local club meetings?

    Arrange date?
    How far in advance?
    Airport pick up?
    Hotel drop off?
    Transportation to meeting?
    From meeting?
    To airport for return flight?
    Do they have product to sell at meeting?
    Group buy?
    Gift cirts for raffle?
    Any special needs for the speaker or presentation?
    Banner ad on BAR site?
    Conformation email before meeting
    Alternate plan incase of cancellation.
    Thank you letter

    How what is decided?
    What needs to be bought in advance?
    How long will delivery of said items take?
    Members pay in advance?
    Pay individually?
    How to keep track of payments?
    Design of item?
    Who is leading the workshop?
    Tools needed?
    Rent tools?
    Safety issues.
    Space needed for meeting.
    ASAP? Upstairs? Parking lot? Somewhere else?
    What other special concerns for clean up/damage to the space?
    Insurance issues.

    Frag meeting/swap
    What is to be fragged?
    Whom is it being bought from?
    Who is doing fragging?
    Clean up issues
    Support positions day of event - monitors, raffle runners, check in, raffle sales, raffle caller, group caller, set up, break down
    Sinage - sponsors, coral types, etc
    For frag swap details see most recent frag swap planning thread.

    Pre meeting advertising.
    Web site
    Posters in LFS
    posting in various forums RDO RC BAR (with permission - other club forums) and stickes
    mass club email
    Positing signs to ASAP. Picking up those signs.

    Raffles and Sponsors
    Arrange raffle items in advance so raffle can be advertised
    Contact each sponsor,
    find out what they are willing to donate,
    arrange pick up of said items and delivery to meeting.
    Better yet, get a sponsor coordinator to coordinate sponsors - rotate sponsors so they don't get used up, split dry good item cost with sponsor.

    Other meeting
    Round table talk?
    Who runs meeting?

    BOD meeting
    Agenda items
    Letting club know about it.
    Printed agenda?

    Purchase Glue
    Raffle tickets
    Raffle sinage
    Communication with members
    General follow up on issues and upcoming events.
    Future planning
    NPO projects?
    Communication with other clubs
    What is practical for the future
    Do we have enough money and what should we spend it on
  2. Mr. Ugly

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    Awesome info. I gotta study this!
  3. GreshamH

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    You can add insurance to the general catagory, and the pasteries for Bob and Robert, ;)
  4. cwolfus

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    Are Bob and Robert our ASAP sponsors? If so, I hope those are very good pasteries.
  5. Thales

    Thales Past President

    Yep they are our sponsors. We haven't gotten them anything in the last two meetings because there were more pressing items that needed to get done.
  6. capescuba

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    We did make sure to spoil them at Christmas though!
  7. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    To bad they both don't drink :D It had other stuff in it though, right?
  8. Thales

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  9. Mr. Ugly

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    We gotta bring them a couple pizzas or something for lunch next time!

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