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Discussion in 'Website' started by bareefers, Nov 10, 2005.

  1. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    Is it possible to consolidate some categories? The nice thing about the BAR RC Forum is that we get to see all the threads at a glance. The forum is nice but it would be kewl if I can get more info with less clicks. :wink:

    It would be great if we can have a category with all the threads. Yes, I know ... want, want, want ... me, me, me.

    Nice Job Cape!
  2. racrumrine

    racrumrine Guest

    I concur. It's taking a lot longer than hop in and out of all the forums.

    Another option is to set up the get new button that RC has. That way, you can quickly scan what happened since you last visited.

    Best of luck,

  3. Elite

    Elite Guest

    I kinda like it like this.. :D
  4. bookfish

    bookfish Guest

    When you log in you'll see a "view posts since last visit' thing on the right side of the page. Makes it way more fun!-J
  5. racrumrine

    racrumrine Guest

    Thanks for the tip Jim. We'll miss you.

    Best of luck,

  6. Thales

    Thales Past President

    You are right. I'll consolidate some right now, and won't add any new ones. and well see how it pans out.
  7. capescuba

    capescuba Supporting Member

    Yeah - nice to see the BAR President is asking the Web Master before making changes to the Web Site!!! Not!!! ;) Hell everytime I log in MY site looks different ;)
  8. Thales

    Thales Past President


    We could go down to just a couple of forums. The reason I made the ones I did was a nod towards looking to the future for referencability on this forum.
    Dave, I gotta pee right now, is it OK if I go? :wink:
  9. capescuba

    capescuba Supporting Member

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