Tube Anemone compatible Clownfishes?

Discussion in 'Other Reef Talk' started by bareefers, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    Hi all,

    I'd like to hear your experiences with different breeds of clownfish and tube anemones. I'm thinking of getting either skunk or clark's clowns but I want to be sure they're naturally compatible, and I want to hear from you all, since I often see discrepencies between online articles and real life experience.

  2. jedininja

    jedininja Guest

    There are not any clowns that are compatible with tube anemones. Well at least none that will host in them.
  3. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

  4. jedininja

    jedininja Guest

    When you say a couple, do you mean a couple of species or a couple of anemones in a 55? Its usually not a good idea to mix species of anemones in a small tank. you'll risk agressive behavior.
  5. bareefers

    bareefers BOD

    so a tube and a bta would be inviting chemical warfare eh? I think I might just go with a bubble tip they seem to have the widest compatibility or an H. crispa tho' I haven't seen a common name for them yet.

    Thanks for the help.

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