Tyree Limited Edition Echino Aspera

Discussion in 'DBTC - LPS' started by cwolfus, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. cwolfus

    cwolfus Past President

    I received this one a few years ago from Radiolunatic. Its a good old school chalice.


    Sorry, no current pic from my tank but 2 frags available. Pick up at the swap.

    No rules or flack on this one. No numbers to pick from. Who's taking a piece home? ;)
  2. eldiablosrt8

    eldiablosrt8 Sponsor

  3. miles405

    miles405 Guest

    I would to be considered

  4. newhobby

    newhobby Guest

    Would love to try
  5. patchin

    patchin Facilities / Event Coordinator

  6. mray2660

    mray2660 Treasurer

    Very nice piece. I would like be consider for one of the frags.

  7. cwolfus

    cwolfus Past President

    Ok, first 2 of the above who find me at the swap get it. See you in the morning!

    Also, if you get a piece please be sure to update the status here. Thanks!
  8. cwolfus

    cwolfus Past President

    Miles405 - did you get the second one?
  9. miles405

    miles405 Guest

    I got 1 from you today
    [img width=320 height=240]http://www.bareefers.org/home/sites/default/files/photo.JPG[/img]

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