Utter Chaos fighting to live

Discussion in 'Coral' started by henergizer, May 1, 2018.

  1. henergizer

    henergizer Supporting Member

    The frag was opened partially once since I got it about 2 weeks ago.

    It’s shrunken a lot in size and has lost majority of its color and has stayed closed until now.

    Does it still have a chance?


    Everything else I’ve gotten, green hammer, green frogspawn, florida ric, rastas, have been fully opened, just this one frag.

    Tank temp is 77
    pH 8.0
    Ammonia 0
    Nitrite 0
    Nitrate 0
    Sg 1.025

    Will be getting an alkalinity test kit soon.

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  2. Kremis

    Kremis Supporting Member

    yeah looks like it will make a comeback
  3. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    If there is color there is hope
  4. Edgar Sandoval

    Edgar Sandoval Supporting Member

    I think zoas like some Nitrate

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  5. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    Zoas like dirty tank.

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  6. henergizer

    henergizer Supporting Member

    Nice, my tank currently has no fish. Some spot feeding should get some nutrients in the system.

    What are your guys’ preference for coral food?

    I’m leaning towards reef roids or coral frenzy

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  7. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    If everything else is doing well, then this paly probably has a pest. Probably best to chuck it now before it infects other things. Or dip it and check for bugs.
  8. RandyC

    RandyC Supporting Member

    Where have you placed it in your tank? How much light is it getting?
  9. Kremis

    Kremis Supporting Member

    If you have not been feeding anything and have no fish that is a big reason why they are closed. just feed any fish food
  10. hermit

    hermit Supporting Member

    @henergizer I've seen my utter chaos react very nicely to reef roids.
  11. henergizer

    henergizer Supporting Member

    The only pest that I saw was a large pod crawl around the base as I was moving it around.

    It is currently placed directly under an Asta 20 (Kessil knockoff) about a foot away. It was initially off to the sides a bit where it wasn't getting too much light.

    Might have also been too much flow in the tank. I was running 2 mp10w's just for the hell of it. I have since removed one of the mp10s and ramp down to the first light on lagoon mode.
  12. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    Check the stalks for lighter colored dots? Sometimes a transient pest or nodule of something will irritate a paly/zoa and cause it to close. If your other corals are ok it’s probably a local irritant. Easiest thing is to re-dip it and check for pests.[​IMG]
  13. henergizer

    henergizer Supporting Member

    @Chromis are these the light colored dots you’re talking about?


    Decided to pull the frag and dip it in Revive

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  14. Chromis

    Chromis Supporting Member

    Yea - could be little paly pests or just something else irritating the paly. At least this way if you dip and it still doesn’t open in a couple days, you’ll have eliminated one possible cause :)
  15. henergizer

    henergizer Supporting Member

    Wanted to thank everyone that helped me with my struggling utter chaos.

    After about a week with two feedings of reef roids, they are making a strong come back!


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  16. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    That’s awesome! Yeah they are likely not changing back to the normal color, but wait for new heads to grow

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