UXDesigners 50 Starphire Cube

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by uxdesigner, Feb 22, 2013.

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    Now that we are settled (after a couple of crazy months) and relocating to the Bay Area, it was time to get another tank setup. I'm back in with a 50 Rimless Starphire Cube and custom DIY LED inspired by the new Radion XR30w Pro. I'm really loving this tank, I really liked my RSM 250 but wanted to try something with a sump. I was concerned about the noise (stock pump is really loud), I replaced it and suggest the Eheim Compact+ 3000, dead silent! The durso was also an issue but after asking a few 50 cube owners (thanks Duncan) I was able to build a custom durso that with a bit of tweaking is now silent also. For the lights, I decided to run 8 LEDs per dimmable channel to have complete control of the Blue , White & Color Matrix. I'm getting some crazy color combinations but for now I'm running each at 50% with 2 hour ramp up per channel.

    50 Starphire Cube
    Eheim Compact+ 3000
    TLF 150 Reactor running NPX Bio-Plastics
    Stock skimmer (works surprisingly well)
    BRS Filter Socks (this is key to keeping the sump output silent)
    Rapid LED 24 LED DIY kit (inspired by Radion XR30w Pro) in a custom industrial style pendant
    • Channel 1 (Blue / 8am - 8pm) - 8 Royal Blue Cree XT-E
    • Channel 2 (Color Matrix / 10am - 6pm) - 2 Blue Cree XP-E, 2 Red-Orange Cree XP-E, 2 Cree UV, 2 Green Cree XP-E
    • Channel 3 (White / 12pm - 4 pm) - 1 Warm White Cree XP-G, 4 Cool White Cree XM-L, 3 Royal Blue Cree XT-E


    This thing is dead silent!

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    Sweet set up !
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    Very cool rig!
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    Very clean setup! It seems like that heatsink is plenty to dissipate the heat and not worry about too much heat getting trapped in the lamp trim.

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