UXDesigners RSM 250 w/ LEDs

Discussion in 'Tank Journals' started by uxdesigner, Mar 18, 2013.

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    UXDesigners Red Sea Max 250

    This is my second RSM 250 (sold my other one prior to relocating here) after trying out a 50 Starphire Cube of which I liked but I had issues with it being rimless. In my last RSM 250 build I retrofitted the lights with all LED's but I wanted to have some T5 supplementation this time around. In this build I decided to run a few less lights and keep 2 T5's, I'm running 2 ATI Blue+.


    Red Sea Max 250
    Rapid LED 32 LED DIY kit (inspired by Radion XR30w Pro) retrofit into stock location
    TLF 150 Reactor running NPX Bio-Plastics (Fits in left rear chamber with sponge removed)
    Replaced stock fans with SilentX fans
    • Channel 1 (Blues / 8am - 8pm) - 14 Royal Blue Cree XT-E
    • Channel 2 (Color Matrix / 10am - 6pm) - 3 Royal Blue Cree XT-E, 2 Blue Cree XP-E, 2 Red-Orange Cree XP-E, 2 Green Cree XP-E
      Channel 3 (White / 12pm - 4 pm) - 1 Warm White Cree XP-G, 4 Cool White Cree XM-L, 4 Cool White Cree XP-G

  2. gimmito

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    Nice !
  3. Coral reefer

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    Cool retrofit
  4. rygh

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    That is quite the combination of LEDs. A bit of everything.

    So what does it look like from 10:00 to 12:00 with channels 1+2 on? Still mostly blue, or do other colors come through.
  5. uxdesigner

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    Thanks! When channels 1 & 2 the tank has an interesting blend of all the colors. It's definitely blue but more of a purple / warm color than with just actinics. Reminds me of a sunset where there is orange/red mixed in with blue.
  6. sfsuphysics

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    What are the dimensions of that tank? That doesn't look like very many LEDs and I do see quite a few SPS pieces in the picture.
  7. uxdesigner

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    Dimensions are (38L x 21W x 26H”) 65 Gallons. I'm running (32) 3 Watt Cree LEDs along with (2) 39Watt ATI Blue+ T5s. In my previous build I ran (48) 3 Watt LEDs but they were XP-E not XT-E and XM-L's that I'm running now. SPS are thriving, the XM-L's put out more than enough light as I cannot turn the whites all the way up. I'm also not running any optics for better spread and I burnt some coral when I had them on my previous build, lesson learned. Personally I think the blues and color LEDs are enough to sustain any SPS, I only run the whites for a couple hours for growth.
  8. uxdesigner

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    Picked up 3 new showpieces (huge bali green slimer, 30 head frogspawn & teal tip acro), instant gratification frags anyone?

  9. denzil

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    Great pickups! I'll take a teal tip acro frag please. ;)
  10. euod

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    Now, you just gotta get the rest of the sps to play catchup:)
    It will be interesting to see the growth from the hybrid light system.
    The tank looks bigger than a 65 gal with that add-ons, too.
  11. tankguy

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