Vanishing Clownfish

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by bondolo, Jun 14, 2011.

  1. bondolo

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    On Sunday with Coral Reefer's help we took most of the rock out of my 55G tank and captured the three engineer gobies. Without removing the rockwork there would have been no way to catch them as they had built a tunnel system under the rocks that made Tora Bora look like a sand castle on the beach.

    As got everything back together I noticed that one of my clownfish was gone, the larger 2" female has entirely vanished. I've searched the carpet and every nook and cranny nearby the tanks with no evidence of her.

    Since there's nothing outside the tank I assume that I accidentally squashed her with a rock putting the tank back together. I'm pretty sure that a 2" dead clownfish is too large to just let decompose in a 55G tank. I've removed all of the rocks from the tank (again) and sifted all of the sand for her corpse. I don't think the nassarius snails could have cleaned up that quickly or thoroughly. (less than a day).

    I've found absolutely zero sign of the fish. Nothing. I'm really pretty bummed that I killed a paired fish and feel worse that I can't even find the body of a 2" fish. Can the remaining male clown be remated to another fish? My understanding has been that putting another clown fish into the tank wouldn't be advisable as one or the other would likely get killed quickly.
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    Sorry dude...that sux.

  3. Coral reefer

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    Bummer man! And having to take all the rocks out again? Double bummer! Hope she somehow reappears for you...usually you just want to get the sane kind of clown thats a lot bigger or a lot smaller If they know who's who they have a better chance of pairing. If she did die it's not that surprising to not find her...snails and crabs and such do quick work! Bones are hard to see.
  4. Sfork

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    I've had something similar happen when moving. One of the clowns got in a hole in a rock, never caught it out of the old tank. We thought it died somehow and got lost in the sand; But once all the rocks were in the new tank there it was the next day.

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