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    Just thought I'd share my experience with this new product since very few people are running the setup so far. I was able to pick up one of the new Cerebra units when they were on Pre sale at BRS (couldn't pass up the intro price). As many of you know the software is still in BETA version so there have definitely been some kinks that had to be worked out and a few small issues but nothing tank crashingly bad. I believe I've had it for about 7 weeks.

    My equipment list
    45 gallon rimless aquarium
    AI Prime HD LED
    Forza Canister filter
    BRS dual reactor with carbon and GFO
    Cobalt NeoTherm heater
    Aquamaxx HOB skimmer
    Vertex temp probe
    Vertex Dual Junction PH probe
    2 Hydor powerheads

    Tank has been up for about 7 months total.

    Vertex came up with a forum for owners of the Cerebra to communicate with one another and their awesome Tech people. Unfortunately its not open to the public and you have to verify your serial number for the product with a QR code on the box. They were surprisingly strict about getting a login. On the site they post the information for the latest updates on firmware and info for future updates. They have a few easy setup guides as well as conversations about setting up some of the more technical code and user functions. I'll work on getting some screenshots of the forum later this week.

    The cloud access just got going about 3 weeks ago. Right now all you can do is monitor your power output , temp and PH readings or any other probes you have connected. At this time you are unable to make changes to your equipment or many of the other planned functions. Hopefully this is right around the corner.

    Heres a few pictures of the basic equipment and tank.

    IMG_0836.JPG IMG_0839.JPG IMG_0838.JPG IMG_0841.JPG

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  2. sfsuphysics

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    So how do you like it?

    I talked to the Vectra people at MACNA and they really couldn't convince me to want this controller, they also had some on special price there too, a lot of what they say is almost the same as any other controller company, and they even tried to turn the questions around on me asking what *I* would like to see in a controller, and I'm thinking "Hey sell me your product, don't have me try to think up new things". You got Neptune which can do what looks like everything under the Sun, but at a cost (every THING you add will ramp up that cost a lot), Digital Aquatics which basically sticks with controller side of things only but does a bunch, Vectra which is a huge brick but made by a good(??) company but only has 6 electrical slots, however the interface apparently is more people friendly.

    There's a reason when people talk controllers I advise they make a list of everything they want to do before making a choice.
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    Yes, any opinions?
    I like the nice touch screen. Can it graph the PH/etc over time?
    Stability? Crashes? Seems like "wifi" and "highly reliable" just don't go together. Especial with Beta software.
  4. Bmart

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    I like it (thus far)!!! Since my tank isn't very large and I'm not running any complex equipment I haven't had any major issues. Vertex has been doing the same thing on the forums asking what people would like in the controller and they are pretty quick to respond to peoples needs as far as software updates and compatibility. Cerebra can only turn things on or off at the moment so no controlling lights like Kassil unless you buy a kessil controller. Luckily AI has their own lighting software which is free.

    The controller does everything I need it to. The feed mode works flawlessly and set up for this is very user friendly. Everything is step by step and for 90 percent of reefers setup is pretty simple. Cerebra is an open source system though so if you are tech savvy you can input your own code into the system.

    The touch screen works well one of the big things they advertise with the screen is that it works with wet hands (it does as I've tried it) Its not as responsive as an iPhone as it requires a bit of pressure but you get used to it. 6 outlets is standard for the power bar but additional units can be added with a single cord to the screen unit. I believe they cost around 150.

    It does have the ability to track PH, Temp and power output over a 6 hour, 24 hour and 2 week period which is accessible over the cloud interface.

    And you are correct rygh the wifi was the main culprit behind the crashes early on. I haven't had any problems for the last 3 software updates. Hoping it stays that way.

    The Neptune Apex is and will likely be the top controller for quite a while but Vertex definitely has potential. So far I'm giving it a 7/10.

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