Very sad BTA crash...

Discussion in 'Fish and Invertebrates' started by Eight, Apr 17, 2010.

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    You will overcome it in the future. Just keep it up as much as you can.
    sap bpc
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    Your such a show off Josh :lol:

    There will be a market if you bring them ;)
  5. andrew

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    wht kind of anemone is that?how much would one of those cost?
  6. GreshamH

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    It's called a "Sunburst" RBTA. At one point they were going for ~$500 a pop. Dunno what Josh and the rest of Colorado sells them for now but I doubt the price dropped all that majorly :)
  7. Eight

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    :p They're pricey but worth it. If anyone wants to see one, you can come see it in my tank. Patrick was pretty wowed by it when he came by.
  8. GreshamH

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    As was my friend Matt whom had never seen one before.

    Your tank looked great Jason, very impressed. The maxi's all got a massive Tigger-Pod meal and all look great :)
  9. Eight

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    Thanks Gresh! Honestly high praise coming from you.

    Glad to hear the maxi's got a nice meal. I'm going to go pick up some oyster feast per our discussion over the weekend. I'll confess I haven't been much of an RN user to date, but I'm about to take the plunge. :)
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    Jason you sure you want to get your tank hooked on that crack? Mine likes it so much I am thinking about mixing it in my brownies.
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    I agree with Richard. RN and corals is like crack....or...pot. Ya, pot brownies. It is 4/20 afterall!
  12. Jason, sorry to hear about the crash ... you seemed to have everything dialed in for so long! I hesitate to ask as I probably know the answer, but as I didn't see it on the "survivors list" is that rainbow BTA now in the great reef in the sky? :)
  13. Eight

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    No! Your rainbow is still alive and coloring up nicely. :)

    I'm sorry but I won't be able to give you a cool BTA in return for awhile... I could give you a little mini carpet nem though!
  14. *** WHEW *** !!! Glad to hear it made it through! It's a tough little bugger but I wasn't sure about it since I only saw the other ones noted. No worries on the BTA exchange as I know you need to bring the others back up to speed. Your tapetums do look cool though, so I might be intrigued ... do you know if those are prop-able?
  15. Deleting dup ... sorry!
  16. Eight

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    Yes they definitely are proppable. In fact, I suspect that the batch that Jess and I picked up consisted of 30-50% propped clones, maybe more. (Er1c_the_reefer used to razor blade all his tapetums pretty regularly.)

    Check out his photos:

    Actually if you want to see some pretty amazing morphs/pics, check out the rest of his album.

    Robin, I can set aside a green/orange-yellow striped one for you if you'd like. I think I have one more left. It would be a clone of the guys at the bottom left of this photo. Or if you'd rather wait till I come up with a different BTA that'd be fine too. :)

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