Vortec on 1/2" or 3/4" acrylic

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by melly mel, Jan 29, 2010.

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    Have to and sorta want to (not cause I don't like it). I'm currently doing a postdoc. It was always a temp position and I want something that has the potential to last at least a good 5 years or more. The funding for the project ends in Sept, so I have from now till then to find something I like at a place that like me. Two tough requirements :p There are a lot of potential places here in the bay area for me. I just need them to have an applicable opening...and if there is one, I need to make sure my resume gets through ;) Damn the "need to know someone on the inside" with a lot of companies lol.
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    I've found that super small forums like BAR are usually never blocked. Bigger sites / commercial sites / sites based off of some commercial service are blocked. For example: Yahoo Stores based stores could all be blocked, Ning.com based forums are all blocked no matter how small, etc.

    So you probably never get sites like bareefers.org blocked at any company.

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