Vortech MP40w stopped working

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by bluevoodoo, Sep 11, 2010.

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    As the wet side of Vortechs soak and get a bit of coraline or calcium, any momentary binding of the shaft can cause the controller to initiate a shut down and the blinking red light. Usually, it can be cleaned and reassembled and run for a long while longer. If it's really jammed up, the best thing to do is purchase a Wet Side Maintanance kit, comprised of a new prop, plastic bushing, nut and bolt. It's the bushing that wears out and will cause your Vortechs to start knocking or rattling. If they are not almost silent, it's time to tear them down.
  2. bluevoodoo

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    Thanks John, but the wet side spins ok. Its the drive side ill be sending it today.
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    What did eco tech have to say when you emailed/called them?
  4. bluevoodoo

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    Well I told them everything I tried, resetting it ext. They then sent me an email on how to go about and returning it so they could repair it. They think its the drive or controller.
  5. bluevoodoo

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    and or water damaged. They asked to open the controller and check for any. So I have and I saw nothing. So the next step would be to send it in.

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