Want to Trade for a Orange Hammer / Frogspawn

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    NOTE: Looking for an Orange Hammer like this one,
    This Orange Hammer Coral is Truly Deserving of its N
    ame | AquaNerd

    and can trade for one of the items listed below Most are mother colonies that have been in main display over 10 to 15 years :

    20+ headed - Neon Grape Tip / Neon Green Tube Branching Hammer
    Grape-Tip Frog/Hammer(sm)


    Very Large Cyphastrea (Meteor Showers)
    Images for meteor shower cyphastrea


    Softball Sized Green Porites ( mine is larger and rounder)
    YVR FS: Xmas Tree Porites, Green Porites, Tyree Toadstool, Parazoanthus - Canreef Aquatics Bulletin Board

    20+ Head of Iridescent "Colored Green Candy Cane / Green Trumpet
    Saltwater Aquarium Corals for Marine Reef Aquariums: Trumpet Coral

    1 Large Tyree LE War Coral (mother colony)
    tyree war coral - Google Search

    Pictures to follow or upon Request. :D
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