War "like" Coral

Discussion in 'DBTC - LPS' started by screebo, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    "Looks like" Old School coral, bright and beautiful. Likely, a great replica.....watch the second hand.....if it moves in "ticks" it's not a Rolex. It must move smoothly ahead driven by it's self winding feature. I'm not even sure where I got it except it wasn't from some guy wearing a trench coat (heheheh) In fact, I'm sure it was store bought a very long time ago.

    Prefers medium current and medium/bright light. Established tanks with very good conditions will insure success of these jumbo frags. Somewhat fragile during acclimation but hearty once established. Locate 1 1/2" away from other coral you don't want to kill. Sweepers come out like clockwork to feed at night. 50 gallon+ suggested.

    Frag #1: promised to Jess eldiablosr8 expectant Papa

    Frag #2,3 and 4:
    pick a number from 1 to 20

    Pick-up at October 9th BAR meeting.
  2. GreshamH

    GreshamH Guest

    Looks like a look a like War Coral and not the "true LE" version. Nothing wrong with that what so ever though, still an awesome coral.
  3. sfboarders

    sfboarders Guest

    John are you on a Chopping Spree? :D
  4. iCon

    iCon Supporting Member

    Sprees come to an end, so no he's not :D
  5. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

  6. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Starting to look really good for Mike. :)
  7. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Soon, my neighbors will awake every day to the sound of the Man and his Saw.
  8. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    18 please

  9. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Frag number 2: Coral Reefer, Mike
    Frag number 3: Gdawson, Gregory

    PM sent to firm up pick up/delivery plan

    Frag number 4: ?
  10. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Seriously, I truly appreciate my reefin' buddy Gresh's commitment to keeping information accurate and correct regarding coral. One of his very much appreciated attributes. I've had this so long that I assumed it was war coral when I bought it oh so long ago. As Gresh pointed out, it's a handsome coral, regardless of it's lack of pedigree. H) Thanks, Bud for "keepin' it real" And where's our Convict Chalice frags? hehehe
  11. 99sf

    99sf Guest

    I would like a chance to grow out a piece of this beautiful coral! Number 10?
  12. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    My reefing Bud-ette Christina.............you are a winner!
    I'll bring your new War "like" coral frag to the meeting if you are planning to attend.
    BTW the duncan frag you gave me is looking very happy and complements that corner of the tank nicely! Thanks again.
  13. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Recap on DBTC distribution:

    #1 Jess, Eldiablosr8
    #2 Mike, Coral Reefer
    #3 Gregory, Gdawson
    #4 Christina, 99sf

    P/U at Oct 9 BAR meeting. I'll hang on to Jess's if he's baby sitting! :party:
  14. screebo

    screebo Supporting Member

    Christina just picked up her frag! Nice to see ya, Christina. :)
  15. GDawson

    GDawson Guest

    Thanks John it looks great. It settled in quickley and sent out tentacles within minutes (either it was happy or crying for help! :) ) I'm letting it rest on the bottom for now to adapt and then it will go on the rockwork.

    Thanks again for the War-Like-Coral!

  16. 99sf

    99sf Guest

    Thanks, John! My war-like coral frag is beginning its growth under 20K lights...looks great.
  17. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Mine doin well too! Thanks again! I know John had more light than me, but how far up/down do you have this?
  18. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Update pic. Can make some frags soon if people want.
  19. tankguy

    tankguy BOD

    Ill pick 6 if anymore become available
  20. Coral reefer

    Coral reefer President

    Haven't dragged yet, but I could if there was interest?

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