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Discussion in 'Equipment' started by bondolo, Apr 28, 2011.

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    I'm looking at getting two water storage tanks for my RO/DI water and my mixed SW. I took a tip from Rocketmandb's build thread and found this stackable 70g tank from NTOtank.com. My storage tanks are going to have to fit into a standard bedroom closet so stackable is rather important. That I can just put these on a sheet of marine plywood and not have to build a heavyweight shelving unit is pretty bonus.

    I plan to make the lower tank the RO/DI so that I have easier access to the tank top lid for adding salt to the salt mix. I plan to use gravity feed to the sump from the salt water storage. The RO/DI will have be attached to an osmolator (or similar) with a pump for ATO and the same pump will be used to fill the SW storage from the RO/DI storage.

    Any other alternative or perhaps cheaper sources? Is stackable a reasonable approach?
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    Note that you can build them remarkably cheap and easily.
    Make a simple plywood box.
    Strengthen it with a frame of 2x4's.
    Then line the thing with basic pond liner.

    You can pretty easily make a 100 gallon one for $75. Down to $50 with some frugal shopping.

    And it can be any shape/size you want.
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    Unfortunately I'm not very handy when it comes to carpentry. I wish I was. I dreaded even building the 2x4 shelving if I couldn't find stackable storage tanks. Mechanical, electrical, plumbing and yard work I am much better at. Drywall installation and finishing remains my specialty. Learned the basics from my dad and then became the go-to guy whenever someone wanted their apartment damage deposit back. :)

    Tank Depot comes in $75 cheaper including shipping so thanks for the tip!

    That said, I got a reminder just how big a 55G water barrel is today and am rethinking whether I really need 2 x 70 Gallons. Maybe 2 x 30-40 Gallons is more reasonable. That amount still gives me the ability to do a 100% water change over a 2 hour period. I wouldn't be able to do another water change for 12 hours or more if I empty both tanks.
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    Take a look at agricultural water tanks from Rubber Maid via ace hardware. We just purchased a 100 gal tank for $99. Good luck.

    Kelly and Patty
  6. bondolo

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    Thanks for another excellent tip.

    I've seriously reconsidered my water storage needs and will be buying much smaller than I had originally planned. Probably one 30-50 gallon tank for salt water mixing and a 10ish gallon tank RO/DI for ATO. At a suggestion from Dave Houser I might just use my old sump tank with a plexiglass lid as the ATO supply tank.
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    for water storage tanks i found a couple 55 gallon used plexi tanks that had big scratches. i payed around $100 for both of them.

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