We helpd out some of the reefers in the Northern Ohio Area

Discussion in 'Wouldn't it be good if...?' started by seminolecpa, Mar 11, 2008.

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    Not sure if this is more appropriate here or somewhere else but sounds like they got some pretty horrid ice storms and several reefers lost most of their tanks. I think there was some talk a while back about doing this for the Oklahomer reefers. Perhaps we could even send some of the overflow from the MH reef collection?

    Several people are talking about it already on RC including Matt and Gresham for this guy in particular


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    Both Matt and I have known Tony for quite a while and neither of us want to see him get out of the hobby. I only have so much and I tend to let it flow to groups/people I know and can trust. I've met many of the MR members and the majority have similiar mindsets as us here in BAR. Not saying N.ohio people don't as I do know quite a few there as well, but none other then Tony have expressed problems. Have you seen any posts re: other people ahving wipe outs like Tony due to the Ice Storm that are a member of a Reef Club?
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    That's why I became interested in the Oklahoma thing, they lost quite a few tanks. I think though that club was not ready for DBTC though as that is what I had pushed for as a contingency with all of the "free coral".

    I really like to help people out myself, but Gresham has a good point, "baby steps" comes to mind. Let's get these boxes out, and see how it goes.

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