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Discussion in 'Website' started by sfsuphysics, Feb 11, 2011.

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    Only did it once... but just in case it's a message of the 2012 impending doom here it is :D

    user warning: Duplicate entry '106-7441' for key 1 query: INSERT INTO drupal_history (uid, nid, timestamp) SELECT DISTINCT 106, n.nid, 1297474514 FROM drupal_node AS n INNER JOIN drupal_term_node AS tn ON n.nid=tn.nid INNER JOIN drupal_node_comment_statistics AS ncs ON ncs.nid = n.nid INNER JOIN drupal_term_data AS td ON tn.tid = td.tid WHERE (n.created > 1294882514 OR ncs.last_comment_timestamp > 1294882514) AND td.vid = 1 in /home/bar/www/home/sites/all/modules/advanced_forum/advanced_forum.module on line 1110.

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