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    Welcome to BAR!

    Bay Area Reefers (BAR) is a club for reef aquarists in the San Francisco Bay Area. The primary purpose of BAR is to promote, foster, and encourage education and appreciation for the ethical husbandry and propagation of marine life.

    We accomplish this by bringing in expert speakers, holding frag swaps, providing a forum on this site for education and discussion, and our coral propagation efforts such as the highly successful DBTC program.

    Using this forum is absolutely free to everyone.

    Feel free to make a thread and introduce yourself. It's nice to say hello and maybe mention where you heard about BAR from. You can also post a tank journal. Look forward to meeting you and hope to see you at our next event!

    Note: There is a difference between having a forum account and being a supporting member. Supporting membership provides a ton of benefits (examples include access to BAR equipment such as the PAR meter and Coral Bandsaw, access to certain frag swaps, eligibility to participate in member-only contests, and more). As of March 2015, BAR currently has 149 supporting members. So click the link to find out more about supporting membership and sign up!

    -The Board of Directors (BOD)

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