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Discussion in 'Neptune Aquatics' started by robert4025, Sep 2, 2010.

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    We are excited to announce that we just got back from another round of cherry picking in LA with some REALLY awesome stuff!!!!
    Lots of new cool crazy looking SPS!!! Come by and check them out!

    Cultured Acroporas
    Cultured Deepwater Acros
    Aussie True Echinata SPS
    Aussie Ultra SPS (Yellow, Blue, Pink, Red, Aqua...all hand picked from the finest selection form LA by us...some are already fragged!)
    Deepwater Montiporas
    Metallic Discosoma Gold Mushrooms
    Strawberry Shortcake Acropora
    Red & Green Blastos (frags are available starting as low as $10/head!)
    Sponge Bob Favia
    Prism Favias
    Ultra Lobophyllia
    Ultra Symphyllia
    Nano Red Scoly
    Nano Apple Scoly
    Red War Favites
    Zoanthids (the brightest colors you've ever seen)
    Haitian Green Finger Leather
    Green/Red Caulestrea (candy cane coral)
    Orange Ricordias
    Bright Yellow Fiji Leathers
    Ricordea Yumas

    ....and guess what??? We also got in 15 new aquacultured Maxima CLAMS!!! This batch is particularly stunning with lots of crazy pattern as well as beautiful sky blue/aqua colors! For those of you that have always wanted to try clam, these are the perfect candidates as they are super healthy.

    ***Pictures to be followed***

    Solomon Island True Percula Pairs (Wild) - LOTS OF BLACK AND VERY DISTINCTIVE BARS. They make awesome broodstock for those that are interested in breeding them. We picked up the best three pairs out of the dozens that was available.

    We also picked up a handful of hard to find Red Banded Trochus snails. This is the most idealic snails for any reef tank as they are fast at eating unwanted algae and usually live longer than any other snail since they can easily fend themselves from predatory hermit crabs as well as flipping themselves up much more successfully than other type of turbo snails. Supply is very limited so hurry.

    ...........enough said....come on by and check out all the cool things we just got in!

    See you soon!

    Robert & Cerissa
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    Do you have any branching cyphastrea? Hopefully I will stop by after work to take a look at all this neat stuff. Thanks

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