What changes/events/improvements do you want to see in this club next year?

Discussion in 'General Club Business' started by Enderturtle, Oct 1, 2015.

By Enderturtle on Oct 1, 2015 at 8:08 AM
  1. Enderturtle

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    Do you have some ideas/events that you want to see next year?

    Let us know what you want to see next year as far as events, general improvements, and changes for next year.
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Discussion in 'General Club Business' started by Enderturtle, Oct 1, 2015.

    1. Enderturtle
      Here are some of my ideas, feel free to add some of your own ideas. :)

      My Events Ideas
      • Coral/Fish/Aquarium Photography Workshop
        • Come learn how to take pictures of reef inhabitants. Hands on learning. I'll bring my frag tank or we go to a local fish store.
      • Acropora Coloring Contest
        • Contest to see who can color up a browned acro the fastest. People all get frags from same colony.
      • Aquascaping Workshop
        • Have Jestersix do a demonstration class on aqua scaping techniques. Say No! to the "pile of rocks" look.
      • Local Fish Store Appreciation Day
        • Make it better!
      • Coral Auction
      • Kessil Facility Tour
      • Hobbyists Coral/Fish Farmers Market
        • Hobbyists bring your frags for sale.
      • Club VS Club Coral Grow-out Contest
        • Ran this idea by a Central Valley Reefers BOD member and he said he would be up to it.
      • Coral Propagation/Fragging Workshop
        • Should cover as many coral types as possible, Zoas, Acros, Acans, Elegance, Ricordea, Anemones, Mushrooms.
      My Improvements Ideas
      • Exclusive prize for the most generous frag swapper.
        • The last frag swap saw some very generous people who brought like over 20 great frags, KNOWING they would only walk away with a few frags. People like this need to be rewarded!
      • Lower membership cost
        • Dependent on if we can get authorized to sell raffle tickets at events.
      • Improve BOD benefits
        • BOD discounts at LFS?
      • Make cool t-shirts!
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    2. neuro
      Damn those are all great ideas. I say we do most of them. The hobbyists coral/fish farmers market may be a bit redundant considering we have a frag swaps and meetings anyhow.

      How about speakers from Steinhart? Or other marine biologists, similar to ShuTin?
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    3. HiFidelity
      I don't tout myself as a "reef tank photography specialist" but I've amassed quite a bit of know how in photography in general (I've been shooting for 20 years). If needed I can get involved in the workshop and help people learn how white balance works, how to handle WB difficulties with our lights, calibration on camera and in post, DSLR vs. phone, point & shoot or whatever you got. Lightroom is another thing, I use lightroom a lot and can do a fast crash course in how to get going in lightroom if you're new to it.
      Just an idea :)
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    4. Tskiller
      I like the idea of more grow out and coloration contests, and coral propagation workshop/lessons! I personally have no clue wtf im doing when it comes down to fragging.

      Maybe more trips? We could go to Monterey bay aquarium?
    5. HiFidelity
      ^ We have fragging workshops at least once a year.
      I forgot to mention earlier that the frag grow outs & coloration challenges sound awesome, I'm still waiting patiently to take part in one :D
    6. Ahruk
      @HiFidelity that would be awesome :D We'd also like to find free photo-editing software for those who don't have access to lightroom if you or anyone else knows of any good products :) I'd really like to do a guided tour of the tidepools to learn more about the specific species of plants, anemones, crabs, fish, ect. that live along our shores.
    7. Enderturtle
      I found a freeware RAW picture editing program called RawTherapee but when adjusting color balance of the same RAW file, it doesnt give me the same results as in Lightroom.

      Maybe we can figure something out.
    8. HiFidelity
      Let me do some research on what other brands of software are out there. Rule of thumb in photography is if you want something that works it's likely never free so expect to pay something (usually).

      While I have been an Adobe user for the past 15 years I also don't encourage anyone who does not practice professionally to spend a single penny on Adobe, they don't deserve it since they decided to go subscription only (lightroom will cost you a minimum of $119 and that only buys you a 12 month rental of their product). Yeah I know haha how do I oppose the support of a local company which also happens to be an icon in my own field of work but from my perspective over the past couple of years Adobe seems to have given their middle finger to anyone who isn't using their products professionally.

      Nevertheless I have thought of those home photographers who don't care to install a cumbersome app on their computer or simply don't have the hours to set aside becoming familiar with a piece of software that they may use only minutes out of the month, for such users we can talk about shooting JPG and utilizing filter gels to achieve as good of a white balance straight out of the camera (or cell phone) quality won't compare but your shot will look at least good and clean enough for social media & forums.

      Canon DSLR cameras practically all come bundled with their own RAW editing software that does basic editing including white balance and does a very decent job at it. Not sure what Nikon does since I've never owned or used Nikon...
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    9. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      I personally enjoy speakers, and want to get a few good ones for next year. Maybe I'll start a thread for suggestions
    10. MolaMola
      All ideas were great and I really like Coral Reefer's suggestion of guest speakers. Years ago in the club that was one of the highlights for me. People seemed to like the Reed Mariculture one this year even if they are not going to culture pods and a more general food presentation could be even more popular. (OK I happen to be starting a food thread so that may just be most interesting to me.)
    11. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      So what it would take to actually make this happen is find a person or company that may have someone they would send to speak to us that you think would be interesting and either run it by me (Vice President is in charge of events) with your idea or ask permission to contact them on behalf of the club.
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    12. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Often times the hardest part is figuring out who to invite. Not everybody is totally aware of the who's who in this hobby, so if anyone has ideas don't hesitate to let me know
    13. MolaMola
      Maybe ReefAPalooza attendees will get some good ideas while there : )
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    14. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Good point! Also, mavens is in San Diego next year, so maybe we can get some speakers from that to come up before or after...or maybe a club trio to macna? I really want to go...
    15. HiFidelity
      DIY frozen food workshop, are we going to continue to have them? :)
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    16. Coral reefer
      Coral reefer
      Who wants to set it up?
    17. wpeterson
      I'd love to see more speakers.

      Christine Williams is great, if we could get her all the way out here to the west coast. She's spoken at the Boston Reefers a number of times and I enjoy her podcast (Reef Threads).

      I'd be excited to hear Rich Ross speak about anything.

      Scott Fellman might be easier to get to come by, since he's on the West Coast.

      Speaking of west coast folks, I've been enjoying Forest Rowher's new book - Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas. I think he's based in San Diego.
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    18. gimmito
      When I was VP, I would contact potential speakers such as Gary Parr (photography) & Tony Vargas (author of the Coral Reef Aquarium book). I would ask if they would be in California for business or speaking gigs like RAP. That way we could fly in them inexpensively as opposed to a cross country flight. Going in with another club to split cost is always another option.

      Aside from some of the aformentioned names, Julian Sprung, Michael Paletta, Tulio D'aquilla, Charles Delbeek, Bob Fenner, Martin Moe, Jake Adams, & Luiz Rocha are a few other speakers off the top of my head I can think of. Other potential speakers would be local Tank of the Month winners from various reef sites and how they achieved them.

      I'm always available as a liason to whoever is the VP to bring in speakers.
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    19. Enderturtle
      Speakers sounds good!

      We'll definitely have some speakers next year.

      Another possible event idea is:

      Canned Food Drive
      • Set up booth at Local Fish Store Sponsor.
      • Have information on what BAR is
      • Accept canned food donations for a local homeless shelter or other charitable cause.
      • Have some awesome raffle prizes.
        • Donate more Cans for more Raffle tickets
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