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Discussion in 'DIY' started by Flagg37, Mar 12, 2016.

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    I built a curved glass staircase and two of the curved balcony panels didn't get used and so I've been trying to think of a design for a tank that could incorporate them. The glass is 1/2" heat strengthened laminated safety glass so it can't be cut or drilled, but it will act as the front piece so there's no drilling needed anyway. It does however limit the size of the tank. The glass is 45-3/4" tall with a 29-9/16" radius with a width of 35-5/8". I considered doing a fish only tank that was just very tall, but thought of splitting it so that there was a display tank up top and then a displayed refugium and sump in the bottom of it. I've attached a few pictures of what I would propose it look like.

    Small Curved Aquarium 02.png

    The upper display portion would be 35-5/8" wide x 24" deep x 18" tall which would amount to a little over 75 gallons. I was really limited by space for the refugium/sump since the skimmer would need to fit in between and still have an adaquate depth for the refugium. As it's drawn the depth is only 8" which yeilds just under 22 gallons.

    Small Curved Aquarium 03.png

    Here's a cut away of the sump/skimmer. The plumbing would drain to the back center baffles and flow over into two 4" socks and into the skimmer section. Then the water would flow through the opening in the "wall" into the refugium area along the front. The "wall" would be opaque (probably black) to hide the equipment but is clear in this picture to show the functionality of it. The water would then flow back through the "wall" to the return pump section. There is enough room in this area to fit at least one reactor, maybe even two if I'm lucky.

    I debated painting the middle section in between the display and the refugium to keep the focus on those two areas, but I'm not sure yet.
    Small Curved Aquarium 01.png

    The stand is only about 15" tall and would have either one deep drawer or two shallower drawers for supplies, or possibly doors so that it could house electronics/dosers. The total height would be about 5' tall.

    I'd like to know your thoughts on it. If there's things that I'm overlooking or should rethink. Also, I have two of the curved pieces of glass. I was considering making one for myself and one to be sold. How much would you pay for a setup like this? Does it appeal to you at all?
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    Very interesting setup.

    My 1st concern will be supporting the weight of the top tank. The bottom pane of glass doesn't look like it has a lot of support. I think if you silicon all the 4 vertical panes on top of the bottom pane rather than sandwiched between them, it would help. Maybe sandwich a 1" ply later between the tanks?

    2nd would be the height of the top tank. Stand is 15", bottom tank is 45.5" which would make the bottom of the tank 60" from the floor. Seems a little tall, would be looking up at the fish most of the time.

    Maybe swap the 2 tanks. Have short 10" stand, then the 18" tank for a display fuge. I did a little looking and 18.5" is the minimum you need height wise for a suitable skimmer. So you would have to build a 5" break in the front on top of the fuge part to extend the height of the sump area in the back for a decent sized skimmer. Then do the top tank.

    That will give you essentially a 33" stand. With a 45.5" tall tank, top of the tank will be 78.5"! Hope you have a tall ladder and long tongs! May have to suit up your 2nd youngest in a wetsuit and a algae sponge!
  3. Flagg37

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    The total height of the tank and stand is 60" so not as tall as you were expecting. 18" for the display, 24" for the fuge/sump, and 14-1/4" for the stand. There is 3-3/4" in between the stand and the fuge that is covered up where there are holes in the glass for where it was originally going to be attached to the staircase.

    I thought about swapping the display and fuge too but figured you still needed room for maintenance and didn't think the gain would be enough.

    That's good to know that 18-1/2" is the minimum room needed for a skimmer. Which skimmer is that? This was designed with the vertex 130 which calls for like 22" of height and 8" max water height.

    I thought about the weight resting on the bottom pane of glass too and agree, I think I'll need to reinforce it somehow.
  4. Vhuang168

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    Oh, that front pane is 1 solid piece? I thought it was 2 pieces, 1 piece 45.75" and another that is 18". The 18.5" is how tall the Bubble Magus Curve 9 is. A quick search to find something short and suitable for the tank as it sits.

    I think if the front pane is 1 piece, the 2 level is not going to work. There is nothing supporting the front edge of the bottom in the top tank except silicon.
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