what wrasses would you add???

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    Way to take the thread off topic then as Jess is looking for REAL suggestions for fish HE should get ;) Got any true suggestions for him, not pie in the sky ones?
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    mmmmm Pie
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    Blood Pie


    Still hungary for pie?
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    next you will try to dissuade me from eating bacon
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    Mmmmm....bacon pie.
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    +2 on Fairy Wrasse.
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    I love the leopard wrasse, and I would like to have one. On liveaquaria.com they are listed as EXPERT ONLY. For those who have experience with this fish, did you find it difficult to care for? What are the pitfalls and how can they be avoided?

    The other wrasse I like is the Exquisite Fairy Wrasse. However it says the min tank size is 70 gallons. I am running a 48" 55 gallon tank. Would it be wrong of me to put this fish in my tank?

    I am looking for a reef safe wrasse. I have a hood on my tank, but after about 2 months a McCosker's Flasher Wrasse found the 2 inch gap at the back of the tank where my filters and things come in and jumped out :(

    I would like a wrasse that does not have a reputation as a jumper, but I'm also willing to put a screen in place if needed.

    What do you all think would work out best for me.

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    I picked up a Pink Streak Wrasse from LA, and it is a model citizen. Extremely friendly with everyone so far (had him for a few weeks with fish much larger and much smaller than him). So far, he hasn't expressed any upward flight responses. When he gets spooked, he runs DOWN into the rock caves. Open top was a concern for me too, since I refuse to net my tank.
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    Well... my experiences differ a little bit from everyone else's. Granted that I've always sucked at fish, I have managed to keep quite a few types long-term, and very few wrasses have managed to earn a spot on that list. I have killed many, many wrasses. :(

    Yes, sixlines and mysteries and their relatives with similar body-shapes are evil. Please avoid. :)

    Fairy wrasses:
    Many (maybe even the majority?) of these guys do best in tanks with too many fish where you've got piles of other active swimmers to keep them busy. They seem to thriiiive in these situations, see: http://www.youtube.com/user/SDreefguy#p/a/f/0/5_oR0WfjQrE.

    In a 'typical' reef with a tang or two, a couple clownfish, and another few fish, they seem to find some excuse to just wind down and disappear after a year or two. Most of the species that manage to hit the 2yr mark in a mellowish reef such as yellowfins (first hand exp), and scotts (second hand exp) are a bit bastardly themselves.

    Cryptic wrasses:
    Possum wrasses and similar seem to live long term. But you'll rarely see them.

    Halichoeres wrasses:
    Yellows and radiants are great fish, they eat bad bugs, they're colorful, they swim around, they're awesome. The radiants seem a little bit flimsier than the yellows (just more shipping stress?) but even still, I count on having to replace the yellows around the 2yr mark. Coris pictoides behaves somewhat similar to these guys, gets to a similar size, and gets a spot on the long-term list... buuut they're also slightly more aggressive.

    At least for the bipartitus - if you don't have other fish that chase them to death... once you get them eating, they're rock solid.

    Anampses and anything that swims like a freakin spastic pingpong ball:
    Just don't do it. They're too unpleasant to watch even IF you're a fishkeeping prodigy and manage to keep em alive for the long haul.
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    Those pink streak wrasses are so cool!
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    Leopard wrasses are "EXPERT" because they (like Moorish Idol's) are hard to ween onto prepared foods. If you can get them to eat prepared foods, then they are no longer expert fish.

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