What's all the hubub about bio-pellets ?

Discussion in 'Equipment' started by gimmito, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. gimmito

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    Anybody using this stuff to keep their NO3 and PO4 at bay ? How have the results been ?

    If you are incorporating a refugium, has it effected the microalgae ?
  2. yellojello

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    It seems like many people are still testing it out. I think there have been good results, but nothing too long term yet.

    This is my discussion here http://www.bareefers.org/home/node/11033

    However, I was at Neptune the other day, he is running both the WM Ecobak and Vertex Biopellets in each chamber of a dual BRS reactor for his entire center system. Robert said the results are very good so far, but will eventually switch to only one product.
  3. sfboarders

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    My BRS GFO will be running out soon. Do you use this with carbon also? I've read some mixed results on RC with people getting more cyano and GHA. My nitrates are undetectable and phosphates range from .03 - .1 Only good thing is that you don't have to change it out as much as GFO.
  4. Dan

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    I'm using NextReef SMR1 XL reactor with Np Biopellets. The reactor is fing awesome ! the Np biopellets are great but have to be careful not to use to much or you get a bacteria overdose that causes a cloud.

    As for incorporating a refugium. I was told from a couple sources that it would be o.k. to use biopellets and chaeto at the same time. im finding that your better off using one or the other. I think the pellets and chaeto are redundant, but the biopellets have more advantages.

    As for what brand of biopellets to use, i have no clue. but if they all do the same thing i would get the cheaper ones.

    a refugium can always be turned into a cryptic zone

    you can always keep the fuge for pods witch is what im doing with some sand and rock rubble
  5. Dan

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    That reactor is 4 foot tall, 12 inches across, made from thick wall tubing and 1/2 thick plates. Plumbing is all 1" PVC... threaded fittings coming out of the lid. They're nuts, heavy... hold about 30 liters of media. Think how pricey 30 1000ml bags of Bio

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  6. JAR

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    I have been running them since BAYMAC.
    All is well.
  7. Dan

    Dan Guest

    SMR1 XL
    MXR1 XL , 1 for carbon, 1 for phosban

    I took out the MXR1 XL that i was using phosban with.

    I found out that biopellets need phosphate to thrive and reduce phosphate in the process. so using phosban reducing media was also redundant.

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