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Discussion in 'Reef Chemistry' started by tankguy, Apr 23, 2016.

  1. tankguy

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    Back when I had a full scale reef I used the Aqua Vitro line. Now that Im getting back in Ive seen that this line is quite expensive for the amount I would need. Im not ruling it out as I liked the results but Im curious what people are using now as I may change direction and with a different line
  2. Enderturtle

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    Depends on what youre looking for:

    Calcium/alkalinity/magnesium dosing?

    Amino acid dosing for Acropora?

    Trace minerals?

    Not everyone doses trace elements or amino acids but lots of people do and like the results.

    Most people who keep a lot of stony corals, consider dosing alkalinity and calcium a requirement either through additives, kalkwasser, or calcium reactors. Some people just do water changes.
  3. sfsuphysics

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    for the standard calc/alk/mag you have either 2(3)-part solution (Randy's formula, look at BRS), or calcium reactor, any pre-made bottled stuff is going to end up being prohibitively expensive on a large tank.

    If you're talking about the other stuff like amino acids,etc, then yeah... it's going to get pricey with a large tank period since there is no cheap alternatives... other than not doing them.

    I personally have never used anything other than C/A/M on a tank, and relied on water changes for those "trace elements", however after watching 40 weeks of BRS's "52 weeks for a reef tank series" their dosing episode did get me intrigued with the KZ line of products... although that seems like a major commitment
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  5. tankguy

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    yeah I was referring to the Cal / Auk / Mag line. I knew it wasn't going to be cheap but was curious what everyone else is doing. Im with you though Mike. In the past I only worried about those 3 in general and water changes
  6. ifarmer

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    Salt: instant ocean
    Cal/Alk: bionic 2 parts
    Active Carbon: BulkReefSupply active carbon
    GFO: BulkReefSupply gfo.

    I have tried a few salt brand but I found that the basic instant ocean salt works best for corals in my tank than most other salts. That is my testimony
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