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    also a friend pointed out that they have been making artificial reefs by sinking old ships, bridges, and rail cars, she said some of the best coral life she's seen is growing right off actively rusting metal! Granted, its not a closed system where things can accumulate, but I don't think direct toxicity is an issue.


  2. Gomer

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    think of all the rusted Gen1 vortechs. Didn't hear about tons of tank crashes.
  3. if you are still locking for egg crates.. they leave them stack behind nations...
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    Yeah I can attest to my Gen1 vortechs rusted real bad to the point EcoTech/Icecap asked me to send them in to fix them up free of charge (but then again they have kick ass customer support and would probably do that with anyone)... bad thing about that is the Gen 2s were released a week later, so I missed my free chance at an upgrade by... <> this much

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