Why should you go to the potluck?

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  1. Sure -- I get it -- you saw the header on the website and said "Ho hum" a potluck. Lot's of bad food bought from Safeway on cheap aluminum platters and tins of old cookies. You thought to yourself "if I wanted to waste half a day eating bad food I'd go to the Golden Corral around the corner and not drive to Fremont."

    But! You're not going to a potluck for the food. You're not even going to hang out with club members, because, frankly, all they do is drone on endlessly about their tanks which aren't near as cool as your tank.

    But! Okay then -- why should you go? Because in my opinion this is the best event BAR does every year. Frag swaps are swell. You get free corals -- and lots of them (and bad pizza.) The rest of the stuff we do is great for camaraderie and a few laughs (and to hear everyone talk more about their tanks which aren't as bad-ass as yours.)

    But! This event is different -- because of Rich Ross. Macna flies him out and puts him up for days so people can flock there and learn. Scientific societies worldwide bring him in to speak and wine and dine him. We just have to offer Safeway wilted veggies and we get personal time.

    We et a window into the wide world of what's going on "out there." Not in our tanks, but all over the world and how it relates to our tanks, the oceans, reefs, etc and the people doing it.

    But that's not even the best part. The best part is the question and answer period after the presentation. You, and I, can ask any stupid question we want. About anything reef-related! Or even about mis-matched socks. Anything! Frankly, I learned more (and had a good time learning it) at the pot luck than I do most of the rest of the year at other events combined.

    Seriously -- a couple hours with Rich is worth your entire years membership cost. Don't wast the opportunity.
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