Working from Home... er Hawaii

Discussion in 'Photography' started by kinetic, Dec 9, 2010.

  1. kinetic

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  2. ryanjiang

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    Wow Art I am so Jealous, is there opening in Fanvibe?

    Very good writeup, I like 'I think of work as a place where you're happy to goto. Being happy is the first step to being productive. '
  3. sfsuphysics

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    Looks good Art, only been to Hawaii once however the thought of it brings so much joy, and I'd go back in an instant if I could swing all the fates in the right direction (Time share availability vs cost of plane tickets :D), every morning started with fresh fruit, and a trip to one of the nicer beaches to snorkel :D
  4. A_Lee

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    Very very nice art!
  5. sfboarders

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    Man I'd like to telecommute from da islands. A good amount of my group wfh all around the world. If my wife can find a nursing job in HI I'm gonna ask if I can telecommute. :bigsmile: My boss is from da big island so he understands where I'm coming from. :) Rent our house here and rent in HI and live there for a few years and move back to the bay when we get bored.
  6. kinetic

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    Hehe, sure if you're a rockstar programmer who can learn all sorts of languages on the fly (ruby, python, objective-c, java) with mobile and web development experience.

    I was thinking of renting out a place in HI, and just subletting it out to people when I'm not there. Might get complicated though, as I'd need to hire a manager to take care of the subletters etc.

    Yeah, it's a great environment for sure. I went for a run every other morning as well on the beach before most people woke up. It's fantastic, and great for building ankle strength ;)

    Thanks dude
  7. Ibn

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    Dude that's sweet. I've only been to HI once, but love that place.

  8. zepplock

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  9. r0ck0

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    I went to Hawaii when I was 7 and still remember Hanauma bay.

  10. Vincerama2

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    I had an ex-girlfriend who moved there with some loser (but I'm not bitter ... not anymore anyway! ;) ) they came back after a year or two. They wore out the excitement of being there. But they are were "reefing enthusiasts" who already take great pleasure in marine life and that kind of natural beauty.

    Like Art said, even SF is an awesome destination ... if you don't live there! I Think I'll reserve Hawaii for long vacations that are really special. But ... yeah, OK, realistically I'm jealous of people who can live there and make a decent living!


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