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    I had 4 clams, lost 3 of them :(

    3 were the 1 inch clams. I was feeding them phytfeast. The problem was that one kept "walking around" and one day it took a header behind a rock and died The other two small ones did well, and then another one went for a walk of death. Then I had a nice Crocea that got shadowed by a few RBTAs. It was my fault, I couldn't pay enough attention to the tank with two neworns in the house...any spare time was used for sleeping (in one hour increments). But the kids are now 14 months and a few months ago, I couldn't stand the algae and aiptasia, so I committed myself to keeping the tank clean and healthy. (Slowly fighting algae and mostly winning, and will soon battle the aiptasia!)

    The last remaining clam is doing fantastic, it's about 3 inches now. I really wish I had asked another reefer to baby sit the clams while I was overwhelmed by my own little ones.

    I really love seeing how much the clam has grown, you can see the growth by the colour of the "scutes" (??). I think the addition of a CA Reactor is going to boost it's healthiness too.

    Bottom line is ... clams are awesome, but you have to take care of it...if it goes for a walk, you gotta move it to a safe place!

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    I believe the smallest clams are Croceas - 6 inches. This is what I have in my 12 gal nano. The others get quite large, 12 inches, and up to 3 feet for the giants. Yikes!

    The Owner of Fish World in Richmond Virginia has a 600g Display at the intrance to his store with a 3 foot clam that he has had for almost 20 years... since he opened his store. Super freakin cool! I stopped by there all the time while traveling the east coast just to see it..... and buy some of his awsome corals...

    Yes, arn't they cool? The Waikiki Aquarium had giants too. Pretty amazing to think it was a clam. I could see the "eyes" on it pretty clearly. I would have hated to move that thing for sure! I can't imagine the weight on one of those. Good thing the aquarium's tanks were made of concrete (I think). :D

    Heh, do you remember a few years ago someone STOLE THE CLAMS from the aquarium on Maui (or was it Waikiki?) they were big and rare. The media put out a plea to please return them, they were part of a project at the aquarium too.

    ... The crook returned the clams by leaving them in an auditorium or theatre or something then calling in their location I think. Or something like that. With all the media attention, it would have been impossible to display the stolen clams in your home tank without someone knowing you were a theiving piece of crap, and I'm sure on such a small island, it was easy to cover all mailing facilities in case the crook tried to sell them.

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    For that size tank, your best bet would probably be a crocea, since they're the smallest, and they also grow very slowly. I've had one for two years that doesn't look all that much bigger than it did when I first got it (conversely, a derasa I got after it started out smaller, and is now about twice as big as the crocea). They need a rock to bore their foot into. Maximas are the next biggest, and seem to grow a little faster than croceas. I would avoid any of the others, they get too big and grow fast.

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