WTB : Chinese LED black box

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by gabloo, Jul 15, 2017.

  1. gabloo

    gabloo Supporting Member

    Hello Guys,

    I am looking for a cheap chinese led black box for my refugium/BTA setup. Please let me know if you have one for sell. I am looking for basic black box.

    Thank you!
  2. scuzy

    scuzy Supporting Member

    Hey I have rapidled onyx fixture $150
  3. ashburn2k

    ashburn2k Webmaster

    Just check eBay, there’s 68 bucks one with manual dial.

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  4. gabloo

    gabloo Supporting Member

    Thanks for the offer. I am gonna go with ebay route since this is for refugium.

    Thanks for looking out. I will order one from ebay!

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