WTB Tank controller.

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by anathema, Oct 18, 2011.

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    all loaded up.
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    RA could be the solution :)
    Just a thought. Don't want to sound like promoter, but if anyone feels it that way, just delete my post.
    Regardless of which one, you can set a timeout on the ATO, which would serve as 2 purposes:
    1- Never run dry
    2- Never pump more water than you would like.
    I use a pressure sensitive switch to measure water level that has 0 movable parts and can't be influenced by snails or calcium build up.
    RA also does have salinity monitoring. I've been running mine continuously for a good 6 months. The only problem with measuing salinity is that it varies with temperature, so you may be off by +/- 1ppm at times, specially with MH with no chiller.
    I also have mine to send me text messages when the ATO timesout. In my case is due to a small RO water container that keeps emptying out before I have a chance to fill it up.
    You could also set to send alerts on high pH if you would like.
    Just one more option to choose if you are interested.
  3. Apon

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    I have an old aquacontroller jr I am not using. LMK if you are interested...just the unit, no probes.
  4. anathema

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    Fwiw in regard to the fixing the plumbing comments: that's already in progress. I'm planning an external overflow. With redundancy. The problem is getting fixed on that end.

    I looked at the reef angel but on the site it doesn't say anything about a conductivity probe or salinity at all, that I could see. Also does RA have 802.11x capability? I saw on the group buy thread that your personal one did but I figured that was one off.
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    Hmmm now that I've taken a closer look the reef angel seems like a super sweet deal. One more question though, I've seen the iphone app for the apex setup, is there something similar for the Reef Angel? I suppose if not I could tuck away a banner on my personal website and just open the page when I want to check on things...
  7. newhobby

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    Just released by a community member a couple weeks ago.
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    The one Im waiting for!
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    Ian, I'm a bit confused about these things. Is this something that would replace my current DSL router? I currently run a 2wire router that was part of the AT&T package deal I got, and it SUCKS. Half the house doesn't have wireless, and I can't game on the wireless connection I have to plug in. If I could replace my crappy router and set up a tank monitor as a bonus I'd be pretty happy.
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    I believe you can set up a repeater bridge with it but you need to get two of them. Take a look at this diagram.
  11. iCon

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    eh. *delete* Not a networking specialist but network adapter is the way to go IMO if your current wireless signal reaches where your apex will be.
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    Ok well I have a couple weeks to think on it, I appreciate the advice from everyone.

    Just finished notching the tank this morning, didn't want to order the pieces to make the box until I notched it without breaking it, so I missed the deadline to get my parts by the weekend. Blah!

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