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  1. Hey all! Happy Halloween!

    So I've gone wrasse=crazy. I love em! i've got a Yellow Coris Wrasse and a Melanarus Wrasse and a Six line Wrasse and my tank bioload is pretty low-medium so I can add a few more wrasses. Can anyone recommend any other wrasses that I can add to my wrasse group where they will all get along? Is there any chance I can buy another Melanarus Wrasse to add to my group or will they fight? Thanks in advance!
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    Fancy wrasses or just regulars

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  3. Either or. I just need wrasses that I know will thrive in my current environment and not get beat up by the tankmates. Thanks. I've lost a Tamarin wrasse (deteriorated slowly over 6 months), McCosker's and a Ornate Wrasse (both died within a day of acclimating) so I need hardier wrasses that won't die on me...
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    I don't know if hardier wrasses will do the trick if you say that you have aggressive fish in your tank already. I would suspect the six lines:)
    You can try getting larger wrasses like 4-5" x-mas, temminck, red margin, leopard, and orange back. You would probably want to keep them in acclimating box for a week after QT to make sure no aggression.
  5. cool man thanks for the tips... Appreciate it.. I'll look into your suggestions
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    Ive never had any luck with the Tamarin's. Sixline's are bullys. My orange back didn't care for any wrasse that looked like him for a few months. How big is your tank?
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  8. Thanks Mark. this chart will really come in handy. Can I have two Melanurus Wrasses in the same tank? or a Melanurus with a Christmas Wrasse or other Halichoeres Wrasses?
  9. daddio

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    We have a christmas and he has no aggression
  10. in the garage or Peter's?
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  11. tankguy, my tank is 100 gallons.
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    In the garage
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    I have 2 in my 180
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  15. tankguy

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    Couldn’t resist picking up a Moyer and Radiant wrasse today
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