WTS: icecap 250W ballast, K2R calcium reactor, 2x Tunze 6100 pumps more

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  1. here's more info on the items listed above, pics will be available in there are interest

    1. Icecap 250W ballast - $100

    bought new used for about 3 months, with PFO quick disconnect

    2. K2R calcium reactor - $250

    used for about 1.5 yr, in good condition


    3. 2xTunze 6100 pumps with original magnet & xfmr - $200 each

    used for about 1yr, still in good condition

    4. hanna photometer in new condition, used couple of times - $150

  2. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    Does the reactor comes with CO2 tank, regulator solenoid?

  3. I do have two solenoids but can't guarantee that it works perfectly, and there is no co2 tank that comes with it.
  4. itsacrispy

    itsacrispy Supporting Member

    YGPM bluetang.
  5. xcaret

    xcaret Supporting Member

    Still have the ballasts?

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