WTT - 20lb CO2 tank for 10lb

Discussion in 'Buy, Sell, Trade' started by treylane, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. treylane

    treylane Guest

    I've got a 20lb co2 tank that I thinnnnk I can squeeze under my stand, but would prefer a 10lb tank. So if you've got a 10lb tank and are looking to space out your trips to airgas, this is your chance :)
  2. xcaret

    xcaret Guest

    Is it steel ?
    I wanted at one point trade my 10lb. Steel for a 5lb. Aluminum
    Then again might trade it for a bigger one.
  3. scuba71

    scuba71 Supporting Member

    I have 5lbs Aluminum, but I am not sure if you are willing to go that low. Let me know.
  4. treylane

    treylane Guest

    I *believe* the tank is aluminum. I can pick it up without breaking tendons, anyway. I'll be able to double-check that when I get back home on Friday.

    Since this will go under my stand, I'd prefer an aluminum tank.

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